Company Registration in Dubai

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the designated space for incorporation and registration. There are many financial centres in the Middle East.

Dubai is a top business hub in the world. It makes sense that entrepreneurs from all walks of the globe would choose to establish a business there. There is minimal paperwork for Company registration in Dubai, and the legal process is quick and easy.

How to Register a Company in Dubai and across UAE

Below given are steps to register a company in Dubai

  • Select the business activity
  • Select the company name
  • Finalization of Incorporation Paperwork
  • Request the Licence Notification
  • Open A Bank Account
  • Business Immigration Card Process
  • Visa Processing

Documents Required to Register a Company in Dubai

Necessary Documents required for Company registration in dubai are below listed:

  • To register a business in Dubai, you will need the following documents:
  • Application Form for the Business Plan
  • MOA and AOA properly notarized by authorities
  • A copy of the passport must be taken to verify that the sponsor is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates.
  • No Cost of Compliance from the Sponsor
  • For each shareholder, a bank reference letter

Licences Categories Issued for Business Registration in Dubai

There are mainly three licences’ categories for company registration in Dubai which are given below.

Commercial Licence – This license is necessary if a company is involved in any trading activity. 

Industrial licence – If a company engages in any manufacturing or industrial activity, this license must be obtained.

Professional Licence – This license can be used by service providers, artisans, and craftsmen.

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai is responsible for issuing local licenses in Dubai. The department provides licensing services from various locations. AIG Corporate Services Provider has  huge experience in Business registration in dubai , so we can help you set up your business as fast as possible.

The Cost of Company Registrations in Dubai

Dubai company registration costs vary by business type. There are no hidden expenses in Dubai Company Formation Cost. Documentation & Attestation, Business License, Visa Processing, Immigration are cost components.

Certain company activity may need extra approvals or documents. Business advisors charge for company formation and PRO Services.

A company registration in Dubai costs  between AED 15,000 to AED 25,000. A company on the mainland usually costs AED 21,000 or more to set up.

Benefits of Company Registration in Dubai

Advantages of Company registration in UAE are many. Below are listed few:

  • Strategic geographical location
  • An international business hub that is growth-oriented
  • Tax liabilities are low
  • Visa Advantages
  • Unsurpassed global connectivity and infrastructure of world-class quality
  • Entrepreneurs and investors can get active government support
  • Secure Business Environment

Types of Companies Registration in Dubai?

Mainland Company Registration in Dubai

UAE Mainland has several multinationals and SMEs. Restaurants, stores, cafés, malls, and other retail businesses are popular. Global companies are eyeing the UAE mainland.

UAE Mainland Company Registration is popular. Investors may access multicultural audiences in the UAE.

The Mainland Company Registration Process has changed after the Commercial Companies Law Amendment. Mainland Company registration in the UAE does not need a local sponsor/service agency.

In commercial, industrial, and commerce, mainland enterprises can now be 100% expat-owned. Some key industries, including banking, oil & gas, and energy, prohibit 100% expat ownership.

Other areas include protection, defence, and army. Fishing, banking, currency exchange, and communications are covered. Neither permits expatriate 100% control.

The list of expat-owned businesses contains 122 activities. Certain commercial activity demand minimal capital.

100% of services businesses are held by foreign expats. Local service agents help with administrative work and DED interaction. These are major UAE Mainland corporate structures. Contact us for dubai company registration.


Free Zone company registration in dubai 

Foreign investors looking for  Company registration in UAE or Dubai can take advantage of the many free zones available in this country. They will find special conditions for their businesses.

Ras Al Khaimah is one of this country’s most sought-after free zones. Here, investors can enjoy a 0% corporate income tax and no repatriation fees. This zone is strategically located to allow easy access to the Middle East, Asia, and African markets.

Dubai’s Free Zone Company Registration offers a variety of benefits to businesses, including:

  • Exemption from VAT
  • Exemption from the filing of an audit report
  • Profits transferred at 100%
  • Transfer ownership easily
  • International quality warehouses available

There are more than 20 zones in Dubai that are free and open to various economic activities. These include Dubai Media City (Dubai Healthcare City), Dubai Maritime City, Dubai Outsource Zone, and Dubai Media City).

Contact our company formation agents for more information on Dubai company registration   or in other UAE regions.

Our experts in Company registration in  UAE  can assist you with any company formation.

Offshore company registration in dubai

This type of Dubai company registration is for a business that operates outside the country. A Swiss business could open a UAE equivalent enterprise.

The offshore possibility has been set up to cater to companies needing a regional “tax relief-invoicing facility”. No minimum capital is required, and no need to set up an actual office facility. New international standards have been adopted for offshore regulations. Companies must register at least one director, keep financial records, and submit an annual economic report that a professional auditor company has audited.

Each company must hold an annual general meeting (possibly by proxy) and perform and act like a regular business.

These company regulations were drawn up in strict accordance with the new anti-money laundering measures.

  • Local businesses are allowed to do business with
  • Legal consultants, accountants, management companies etc., carrying on business within the UAE.
  • Any UAE bank that conducts routine operations transactions.
  • An offshore company must apply for a licence from the relevant authorities to conduct business or trade in the UAE or the UAE.
  • Capital: There is no minimum capital requirement, but it is recommended that you start with a minimum of AED 10,000 (US$2,700).

How AIG Corporate Services Provider Can Help You in your company registration?

At AIG, we understand that launching a new business can be challenging–particularly if you’re an overseas entrepreneur starting up in a new country for the first time.

AIG company registration consultants are here to help you register your UAE company. We will do the legwork for you and coordinate with relevant departments and government agencies.

AIG is your partner for company setup. This makes it easy to register a company in the UAE. Our professional consultants will assist you with all aspects of company registrations in the UAE


Dubai is the UAE’s most populous emirate and offers foreign investors many tax benefits. Dubai is also a significant business hub in the region.

Yes, you can register a company in Dubai without travelling through our local agents.

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