E-Commerce license in Dubai, UAE

Get E-Commerce license in Dubai, UAE with AIG Corporate Services Provider

E-Commerce license in Dubai, UAE

The fundamentals of setting up the online store in Dubai and managing it can take time to comprehend. Even before you have the product or service ready to be sold on your website, you must understand how to apply for ecommerce business licence in Dubai.

Setting up an E-Commerce Business in UAE

  • Find out the market potential
  • Find a suitable location
  • Create a Trade Name for Your Business
  • Apply for an e-commerce licence in Dubai
  • Design Your eCommerce Website
  • Establish a Payment Gateway
  • Logistic Support for Logistic and Customer

Types of E-Commerce licences for UAE

These are the three kinds of e-commerce permits in Dubai:

1. E-Trader’s licence

The e-trader’s licence in Dubai is overseen by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development and is only acquired by UAE and GCC citizens who reside in Dubai. A licence for e-commerce is only available in single ownership. Having an office in a physical location or even opening a shop using this licence is impossible.

2. Portal licence

A Portal licence is another E-commerce licence available in Dubai and is known by non-UAE citizens. It is possible to start your online enterprise in Dubai by obtaining a portal licence to connect sellers and sellers. Portal licences are perfect for a website listing that offers services, products, or reservations. The cost of the portal licence is relatively low when applying for businesses to establish within the continental region. It is essential to note that the cost of obtaining an e-commerce permit in Dubai depends on your business needs.

3. Virtual Company licence

The virtual licence for companies within Dubai was announced through Dubai Economy. It was launched by Dubai Economy and allowed overseas investors and non-residents of the UAE to conduct commercial activities within the region. However, the licence is limited to three areas: computers, programming, and associated activities. It also includes design tasks and services related to printing and advertising.

List of e commerce license activities

There are many ecommerce license activities under the licence. But a few are given below as

  • Automotive E-Trading
  • E-Trading for Events Tickets
  • F&B E-Trading
  • Fashion E-Trading in Retail
  • Industrial Equipment E-Trading
  • Jewellery & Precious Stones E-Trading
  • Media Entertainment E-Trading
  • The Home and Office & Personal Utilities E-Trading

How to Get Your E-Commerce licence in uae?

To obtain an E-commerce licence to operate an e-commerce business in Dubai, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Select the legal structure
  • Pick a location for your business
  • Name the business’s trade name
  • Dubai e-commerce licence application submission
  • Send the application to get the first approval certificate.
  • Write the MOA /local service agent agreement
  • Lease an office
  • Make sure to register with customs and ports authorities (in the case of import/exports)
  • Get the licence from DED. Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Create an account with a corporate bank

E-Commerce Licence Cost

The cost to establish a business in Dubai that has an E-commerce licence will differ by several variables. The Ecommerce licence cost to sell products within Dubai in the UAE can be as little as $8,050. But numerous other costs are involved, such as obtaining an office and other expenses.

As a non-native may not have any suggestions for processes for setting up your business within Dubai and all of UAE. It will be beneficial to seek the help of professionals when setting up a company inside the UAE. The total cost for starting your business with the assistance of a professional and the Dubai E-commerce permit will range from AED 6,000 to 15,000.

1. E-Commerce licence Cost in Dubai Mainland 

Our business consultants can help you if obtaining an E-commerce license in Dubai Mainland seems overwhelming. You can concentrate on more critical aspects of your company while we help you getting E-commerce licence. We will get the Dubai E-commerce License for you for AED 11900.

2. E-Commerce licence Cost in Sharjah Free Zone 

The E-commerce license is also available in Sharjah Free Zone. The Sharjah Free zone E-commerce License is cheaper than the Dubai Mainland E-commerce License. You can get the Sharjah E-commerce License from our expert consultants only for AED 5750.

Cheapest Ecommerce Licence in Uae

Online Ecommerce Business licence  in free zones are obtained quickly and in the most cost-effective method since it’s one of the most affordable packages in the UAE. You can get an e-commerce licence within the Dubai free zones for as little as AED 5750 to begin your journey through the digital world.

The free zone’s most significant advantage is that it provides the benefit of a 100% exemption from tax on customs. This allows investors to earn greater profits while investing less and gain a broad understanding of the dynamism of the market in the UAE.

How to Get Payment Gateways for E-Commerce Businesses in Dubai?

It is essential that your website must have an option for payment to allow your clients to pay with a card. There are several payment processors online in UAE which are welcoming to new businesses:

  • foloosi.com
  • hyperpay.com
  • paytabs.com
  • stripe.com
  • telr.com

The payment method can be made via PayPal UAE or cash on delivery, which is always a good option for starting.

The most well-known and straightforward setup solution offers Stripe UAE. Remember, it is the case that all UAE payment gateway providers collect commissions on every purchase.

The commission typically ranges between 2% and 3.1 percent based on the nature of the product and the sales volume. Certain of them include subscription fees as well.

  • Prepare the following documents needed for your payment gateway online setup:
  • Documents for incorporation of the company: licence and MoA
  • Personal documents include Visa for residency, passport, and Emirates ID
  • Address the proof of address: a recent utility bill
  • UAE Corporate Bank Account

Online E-Commerce Sites in the Uae

One of the simplest and most well-known methods of establishing an online business in the UAE is through an online store, which allows business owners to list and sell their goods. The UAE offers a wide range of user-friendly and advanced marketplaces for selling online. The most well-known E-commerce websites available in UAE include:

  • Ubay.ae
  • TheLuxuryCloset.com
  • SplashFashions.com
  • Souq.com
  • Noon.com
  • LetsTango.com
  • FirstCry.ae
  • DubaiStore.com
  • Amazon.com

E-commerce licence Abu Dhabi

If you intend to run your online enterprise in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, set up an organization in Abu Dhabi. This will allow you to stay clear of any issues dealing with the local government and vendors. A lot of them only work in conjunction with Abu Dhabi entities.

These authorities can open the Ecommerce Business licence  in Dubai

  1. Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi (ADDED)
  2. Free Zone – KIZAD

ADDED: The government has banned E-commerce in Abu Dhabi for UAE nationals or partnerships with UAE nationals. If you wish to own 100% of your online business, go to be a part of a no-cost zone.

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If all the steps involved in getting an online business licence in Dubai seem overwhelming, we’re always there to assist you. We’ll get online commerce licences within Dubai for you. During this time, you focus on more essential aspects of your business, such as the products and services. The business’s regulatory aspects should be something other than a distraction for entrepreneurs.


You need to   to start an eCommerce business in the UAE. It is called the Ecommerce licence and is sometimes referred to as an online business licence in Dubai.

This E-Commerce licence in UAE is a business trade licence that permits the business to conduct online activities within the country. This includes online transactions, selling or trading, and so on.

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