Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Investor Visa

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Investor Visa

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Dubai is a highly sought-after destination for its high standard of living. There are better investment opportunities for top business people around the world. 

You can live in Dubai by obtaining an investment visa. This article will provide all the information you need about Dubai investment to enjoy a memorable stay. 

What is an Investor Visa to Dubai? 

The UAE is a country that has been and will continue to be a top destination for overseas investment. Investors and their families can make investments in the UAE economy and are allowed to enter the UAE. The UAE announced in 2018 that it would provide investor visas for 5-10 years to property and wealthy business people. A minimum investment to obtain an investor visa is 5,000,000 dirhams (for a 5-year visa) and 10,000,000 dirhams (for a ten-year visa). 

What Are The Advantages Of Dubai’s Investment Visa? 

There are many benefits to Starting Your Own Business in Dubai or becoming an investor. These are the benefits of a UAE investor visa: 

  1. Residency – An investor visa valid for three years automatically qualifies for a 3-year Dubai residence permit. 
  2. Sponsor your family – An investor visa allows you to sponsor your immediate family in the UAE. Your spouse, children, parents, and siblings are considered immediate family members. 
  3. Easy Travel – You can travel to any GCC country for business or pleasure if you hold a Dubai investor visa. These visas can be obtained faster if you have investor status. An employment visa is more difficult. 
  4. Validity of outside country visas – A Dubai investor visa allows you to live in the UAE for up to one (1) year without your residency being revoked. However, this is different for dependent or employment visas. These visas are only valid for six months, and you will not be allowed to stay in the UAE after that time. 
  5. Long-term visa: Having an investor visa or a successful venture in the UAE will increase your chances of getting the UAE Golden Visa. The UAE Golden Visa is a 10-year residency visa. It was created in 2019 to promote business development and reward entrepreneurs and investors for contributing to economic growth. 

Dubai Investor Visa Validity 

The nature and value of the investments will determine the length of validity of the investor visa. You can apply for either the Investor Visa or the Business Model visa, keeping your business goals and model in mind. 

  • 10-year Golden Visa 
  • Visa for Property Investors with 3-year Term 
  • Visa for Property Investors with a 5-year Term 
  • Visa for 3-year Company Investor 


You must own a freehold property to obtain an investor visa to Dubai. You can choose to buy a house, an apartment or a villa. You will also need to meet the following requirements when investing in property: 

  • Property must be worth at least AED 1,000,000 
  • It must be purchased with a DLD deed. 
  • Invested property should not be left as a gift or bequeath. 
  • The property must be in a freehold area and cannot be rented to anyone else. 
  • Half of the purchase price must be paid if there is a mortgage. 
  • Only married couples can purchase properties if they have their marriage certificate. 

Documents Required To Get Investor Visas In Dubai For Mainland Companies 

These documents are required for the Dubai investor visa application. 

  • IBAN Number for Bank Account 
  • Establishment Card 
  • Memorandum Papers (MOA), as evidence of ownership share 
  • One photo with white background 
  • If applicable, the current UAE visa of your partner. 
  • Copy of passport for partner 
  • Original Emirates ID of the Sponsor 
  • Copy of Trade Licence 

As a majority shareholder, an agent or a UAE national who will communicate with government departments was required. The rules have changed recently to allow foreign ownership on Dubai’s mainland. A company can be involved in over 1,000 industrial and commercial activities without an Emirati majority shareholder. 

What Is The Cost Of An Investment Visa In Dubai? 

Each case will have a different investment visa cost. It will cost approximately AED 13,000 if you apply through Dubai real estate investments. 

It costs AED 1,035 if you invest in a company. The fee for the 5-year Golden Visa in Dubai costs AED 650, while the 10-year visa costs AED 1,150. 

You can now live in Dubai and invest your money in one of the most exciting cities in the world. 

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Dubai Investor Visa Application 

These steps are required for anyone applying for a Dubai Investor Visa. 

  • Apply for an entry permit in the immigration department at a Tasheel or typing centre. 
  • You can visit any government health centre to obtain a medical fitness exam. You will need to identify the health centre you wish to visit when you fill out the entry permit form. 
  • Application for Emirates ID at an Amer Centre. Apply to an Amer Centre. You must submit biometric data if you have yet to apply for Emirates ID. 
  • You will need to purchase health insurance as part of your visa application. You can compare the various insurance companies in Dubai and see which one best suits your needs. 
  • Visit any Amer Centres in Dubai to convert your visa status into an investor residence visa. There are Amer centres in Al Jafiliya and Al Twar, as well as Dubai Festival City, Al Quoz, and Dubai Festival City. 

The Bottom line 

Our service will greatly benefit you whether you’re looking to start a commercial or professional company. We aim to reduce the cost of setting up a new Dubai business and provide support throughout the process. 

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