How to Start an Event Management Business in Dubai?

How to Start an Event Management Business in Dubai

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Event management is a booming industry in Dubai. No matter what your event planning skills may be, there’s an event management company out there that’s just waiting to hear from you. And if you’re thinking of starting your own event management business

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about starting and running an event management business in Dubai. We’ll cover everything from the logistics of setting up an event company to marketing tips and tricks. 

So, if you’re thinking of starting your own business in the events industry, read on!

Some Popular Events in Dubai?

There are many reasons someone might want to start an event management business in Dubai. For starters, Dubai is a city that is constantly growing and expanding. 

It offers an expansive market for events and an increasing number of people interested in attending them. Additionally, Dubai is known for its luxury hotels and resorts, which makes setting up events at those properties a natural fit. 

Other venues are also available for hosting events, including convention centers, sports stadiums, and art galleries. Whatever the reason someone decides to start an event management business in Dubai, there is certainly no shortage of potential clients or opportunities here.

Do Market Research for an Event Management Company in Dubai

Market refers to your intended group of people who might be interested in your event. This could also include customers interested in hiring an event planner.

If your intended audience is not particularly interested in the kind of event you plan or the service you provide, you will not get an audience. It’s a sign that there’s no demand for your event/service in your target country.

It is crucial to figure out who your intended group is and what are their expectations for your event.

Find the easy way to market your event management business in Dubai

Most people have events to plan, but they can’t plan and prepare for it. This is evident in weddings, graduation parties, anniversary parties, and vow renewals.

The company that manages events based in Dubai aims to encourage people to think about the most important aspects before it’s too late to get them done quickly.

Mainland and Free Zone

Where would you like to establish your business? It is possible to set up your event management company in the mainland region and reap the numerous advantages. These include the ability to work with any partner you’d like and access the market in the area.

Additionally, the ability to apply for various visas is a significant advantage. A free zone specifically designed for events like Fujairah Creative City is also an ideal option for an event planner. In addition, you won’t have to pay taxes when you start your company in a free zone.

Select a name for the company

Select and register your event management company’s name and choose to register. The company name must conform to UAE’s name rules which stipulate that a company’s name must not contain offensive or blasphemous words and must not contain any reference towards Allah as well as Islam. 

It is possible to use your name as the name of your company. However, it would help if you used it entirely, not only your initials or surname.

Create the Business Plan

Creating a business plan can be highly beneficial to outline your objectives and goals to establish an event management business in Dubai.

It is a report that defines your company’s goals and objectives, financial forecasts, and marketing and sales strategies. It contains the marketing and financial plans and the information it has. It also includes the mission and vision statements for your event company.

After this information, you need to include the following in your business plan

1. Your vision for the company

2. Mission Statement

3. SWOT Analysis

4. Financial Plan

5. Marketing Plan

Get your Event Management License in Dubai

You may request an event-management license after you’ve completed the steps above. Make sure you meet all required documentation along with your application for a business. These documents could include the following:

1. Passport copies of each shareholder

2. Copy of your visa or entry stamp

3. Photographs in color (2)

Also, you must keep your license for event management up until each expiry to keep its validity. Failure to renew it can result in penalties and strict legal action against your legal company.

Create The Corporate Identity

A corporate identity will be required to market Dubai’s event-management business in Dubai.

After choosing the perfect name for your business, it is also necessary to design stationary, business cards, a website and proposals, customer promises, and many more. These are essential to promote any company.

Corporate identity serves to let people know what products and services your business plans to provide in a professional shape.

Application For Visa and Corporate Bank Accounts

Once you’ve obtained an official business permit, you’ll have to also apply for a visa and establish your corporate bank account. Once you have your passport, you’ll be able to sponsor your dependents to apply for visas. This includes your family members and domestic employees.

You can also apply for employment visas with an event management license. The number of available tickets in this regard varies according to your business size.

Opening a bank account for a company is a complex procedure.

Cost To Start an Event Management Business In Dubai

Determining the exact costs of opening an event management business in Dubai is difficult. The prices for the Event Management License in Dubai depend on the business’s location, the type of business, and the company’s structure.

Opening an event business in a Free Zone and a Mainland area in Dubai is affordable. However, the actual prices differ. Many Business Setup Consultants in Dubai is providing services.

The cost of a Mainland company license will be determined by the lawful classification of the license application. For the Free Zone business license, prices vary based on the type of business and the number of visas.

The cost of a license to manage events varies from AED 15,000 and AED 30,000.

What Is the Cost of An Event Permit In Dubai?

To hold an event in Dubai, the event organizers need to be able to apply for an event license and an event ticketing permit (if necessary, in the case of the occasion).

The cost of a permit to hold an event is contingent on the size of the venue and the venue and the activities of the event. 

Prices start at AED 1,500. Event organizers must also be able to pay AED 10 for each “Knowledge Dirham” as well as “Innovation Dirham” for Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing respectively.

Acquisition Of an Event Management License Within Dubai

1. If you have an event cancellation, the ticket holder is accountable for the entire ticket amount returned.

2. Promotion and sale of tickets to events outside of the free Zones will be subject to rules of appropriate authority (DED, DTCM, DM)

3. The sale and promotion of tickets for events in different locations are subject to the laws or regulations of the Emirate authorities.

4. Ticket brochures, posters, or any other form of information must clearly state any information that is always publically available.

Fantastic Reasons to Begin an Event Management Company in Dubai

Affordable Start-up Costs

The business of managing events is among the many great Business Ideas for Startups. It does not require office space immediately and allows you to employ contractors as you need to. Another benefit is that you don’t have to manage a vast inventory, like other business sectors. You’ll require patience, time, and coordination to organize your primary tasks.

Unlimited Potential for Income

Whatever the time of year, no matter the time of year, there’s always something taking place in Dubai. With such a great chance of success for entrepreneurs and investors, investors worldwide are flogging to Dubai to establish their new ventures.


Dubai is one of the more advantageous geographical regions of the Middle East. It’s located near numerous business hubs that are highly regarded and is an excellent location for trade across different continents. The city also houses an active port for easy export and import activities.

Minimal Risk

Event management businesses can vary in size from small-scale companies to giant corporations. Entrepreneurs also start their businesses with a small amount of capital investment. It isn’t necessary to purchase office equipment or office space.

Repeat Business

Maintaining positive relationships with clients is key to any company’s success. Happy customers will likely ask for more business in the future and boost your business through word-of-mouth advertisements. Corporate accounts are typically one of the most readily available avenues to ensure that you keep your clients coming back.

Dynamic Industry

Event management is one of the areas that has an ever-growing growth rate. Dubai has many world-class events and requires skilled event planners to do the work. This level will require tremendous teamwork and coordination among all those involved.

A plethora of Visa Options

One main factor contributing to Dubai’s popularity is its wide range of Visa options. Entrepreneurs can quickly and easily obtain visas and apply for more as their business grows.

Multiple Shareholders

Whether establishing an event management business in the Free Zone or the Mainland, you’ll have several shareholders in your company.

Tips for Holding an Event Correctly

Planning and Arrangement

The company that manages events in Dubai will set the groundwork to host a successful event.

Understanding the basics will let you determine what you need to accomplish. With clear expectations, you can investigate goals for research which could become your personal touch shortly.

United Transport Plan

This is an important thing to be aware of. Transporting events can help to create the impression you make.

In crowd management, it is essential to ensure that the traffic and individual transportation are in sync to get the most effective result.


The operating plans and guidelines should be consistent across every venue. The staff must be trained to serve guests of every type with equal respect and respect.


There is the chance of changing the number of participants and the menu and schedule up to the final minute. It is essential to be flexible, move forward, and make all arrangements according to the situation.

Be sure to keep your staff, and yourself prepared to meet new challenges. The adaptability of staff training is a great asset in this circumstance.


The event coordinator or business employees must go through the event’s execution plan and work with the guests, speakers, investors, and team members two days before the event.

Check every plan and confirm location and transportation arrangements within 24hrs before the event.

Security Planning

Security and transport are two of the two most crucial programs to be managed when managing any event. Both should be well-coordinated.

It is essential to establish security measures based on the type of event. Be aware that security measures may change at the last minute if you’re planning to hold a public event.


Starting an event management business in Dubai can be a very lucrative venture. But you can get help from Business setup consultants in Dubai. With a population of over 3.3 million people and growing, the city is primed for companies that help to add entertainment and excitement to people’s lives. 

If you’re considering starting an event management business in Dubai, this guide has provided you with everything you need to get started. This guide has everything from developing your business plan to finding the right place. So, are you ready to create an event management business in Dubai?

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