How to Start Daycare Business in Dubai

How to Start Daycare Business in Dubai

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Starting a daycare business in Dubai is not just about a passion for children. It requires great dedication and will, but also the right business knowledge to set up your own profitable establishment. To help you get started, this article takes a look at some of the key points to consider when setting up your childcare business in Dubai.

Daycare Business in Dubai

The daycare business is one of the most popular and profitable businesses in Dubai. It is also one of the most competitive markets as many people prefer to leave their children with others rather than take them to nursery schools.

There are several reasons why daycare businesses are so popular in Dubai. First, there are many families who live here and want someone to take care of their children while they are away on vacation or business trips. Second, there are many families who work out of town and need someone to take care of their children while they are gone. Third, there are also many people who want to start a business with their own child as a partner or employee and need someone who can help manage their daily affairs if needed.

Daycare is an ideal option for parents who have children that need attention during the day. It also enables them to keep working on their own terms, while still being able to take care of their child when they need it. Many parents prefer this option because it allows them to continue with their careers and still have time with their children at night. This can be especially important if they are single or if they have young families with multiple children.

Requirements to Setup a Daycare Centre in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are many daycare centers and schools that are open for parents to send their children. Parents who want to work and raise their children at home can do so by setting up a daycare center. There are a number of requirements that need to be met before opening a daycare center in Dubai.

  • You will need to have a minimum of 2,000 sqft area to set up a daycare centre. It is ideal if you start out with an area of 3,000-5,000 sqft.
  • The facility must be equipped with all the necessary facilities such as WiFi, an air conditioning system, toilets, and kitchen facilities.
  • The facility must have security features like CCTV cameras installed. This is because children are always under the surveillance of CCTV cameras as they are not allowed to roam around freely during their school hours at home.
  • A licensed facility that meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to run a childcare center.
  • The facility must have at least one daycare room, which can accommodate at least 5 children.
  • The facility must be equipped with all safety equipment necessary to ensure the safety of children while they are in care.
  • A separate playroom is also required for children who are not enrolled in a daycare program but still need some kind of supervised activity or entertainment.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Daycare Centre in Dubai

If you are planning to start a daycare business in Dubai, it is important that you focus on a few key areas.

  1. First, you should consider the type of service that you want to offer. Most parents will opt for a nanny or babysitter who can help with their child’s education and upbringing. The type of service depends on both your experience and budget. You can opt for full-time care or part-time care depending on your requirements.
  2. Next, it is important that you have enough space available for your facility. It is also important that you have enough staff members who are qualified and experienced enough to provide excellent services to parents who hire them. This will ensure that they provide top-quality services at all times which would attract more clients to your business
  3. In addition, it is essential that you ensure that your facility has all the necessary equipment needed for daycare such as play equipment such as slides, swings, etc., toys, etc., books, etc., bookshelves, etc., cots, etc..etc…

Documents Required to Start a Daycare centre in Dubai

Documents Required for Starting Daycare Centre in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Original Copy of National ID Card or Passport
  2. Original copy of the letter issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, UAE
  3. One passport-size photograph (front and back)
  4. Copy of all the documents required from you by the concerned authorities:
    1. Certificate of Incorporation
    2. Resolution/Certificate of Appointment as Director/Manager etc., if any
    3. Bankers’ Certificate relating to your bank account.-For opening a bank account for a daycare center/child care center/nursery school etc.,
    4. It is also necessary that you must submit a copy of your passport, visa, or any other document which may be required by your bank on opening an account in their name.
    5. A photocopy should be enclosed with this letter along with your personal details and the address where you want to operate your business.
    6. You will also be provided with further information regarding the opening of accounts in banks and other financial institutions if required.

How do I Start a Daycare center in Dubai?

Steps to follow to set up a daycare Centre in Dubai are:

1. Create a Business Plan

The business plan is a document that outlines the goal, mission, and objectives of the organization. It also includes a description of the company’s products and services, financial projections, and legal structure.

A business plan is a formal proposal for how you will run your business. It can be used by small businesses to get started or by existing businesses to update their plans.

2. Choose a Desirable Area for your Childcare in Dubai

The best place for you to start a daycare center in Dubai is on the outskirts of Dubai city. It should be near schools, parks, and other recreational areas that children visit often. The location of your childcare center should also be close to public transportation routes so that parents can easily reach it from their homes or offices.

3. Get your Documents Ready

If you are thinking of starting a childcare center in Dubai, the main thing you need to do is prepare the necessary documents.

Here are some documents you will need:

  • A copy of your visa
  • A copy of your residence permit
  • Proof that you have a bank account in Dubai (for example, a copy of your latest salary slip)
  • Proof that you have insurance coverage for the daycare center
  • A letter from the Ministry of Social Development and Labor (MSDLL), giving approval for startup.

4. Obtain the Trade Name Approval

The Trade Name is the name that you use in the UAE to register your business. The business name must be different from the personal name of the owner, and it must be approved by the Dubai Trade and Commerce Department (DTCC).

5. Approval of Ministry of Education

The approval is one of many steps to ensure that our child care centers meet international standards.

This approval will ensure that parents are able to take advantage of these facilities during their daily work schedule.

6. Obtain the Municipal and Civil Defense Permit

To set up a daycare center in Dubai, you need to obtain a municipal and civil defense permit from DOLSA before applying for any Daycare Business licenses.

7. Hire Staff

Hiring childcare staff is one of the most important things to do as a business owner. This is because it will determine whether your business can run smoothly or not. It is also important that you hire the right people for the job, especially if you are looking at hiring staff for a daycare center in Dubai.

8. Buy daycare insurance

A daycare center is a place where parents can leave their children while they are at work, or even just to relax. If you’re planning to open one, you will need to get insurance.

There are a few different types of insurance that you can buy to protect your business from any problems that may arise. These include general liability insurance, business liability insurance, and workers’ compensation.

9. Create Guidelines, Rules, and Conditions

Finally, we need to create some rules and conditions that govern how all of these ideas would work in practice. These rules include things like: how long will it take? What kind of hours should we offer? How many days per week can I offer childcare options? etc…

 10. Daycare Software

Yes, you must have daycare software to set up a childcare Centre in Dubai. The reason is that you will have all the information about your center. You can easily know the number of people who are coming daily and they can also register their children in your center, send them home, and collect them again. So it is very useful for us because we have to manage many things at once.

Cost of Starting a Daycare Business in Dubai

The cost of starting a daycare business in Dubai is dependent on the number of children you plan to take care of and how many hours you want to work.

The average cost for an infant or toddler is 1836.55 AED per month and the average cost for an infant school-age child is 2203.80 AED per month. Daycare centers can charge more for older children, but it’s not unusual for a center to start at around 1469.20 AED per month.

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The cost of starting a daycare in Dubai is about 257,109.65 AED for the first year and 110,189.85 AED for each year after that. The license fee is 25,710.96 AED and the other fees are 5,509.49 AED. The total cost of starting a daycare business in Dubai is around 367,299.50 AED.

What is the Profit Margin for Daycares?

The main question is how much can you expect to make per month after all the expenses are covered?

This is a very important question. As you know, the profit margin is the difference between your total revenue and total costs. This means that it is the amount of money you make after all of your expenses are taken into account.

Your actual profit margin would be determined by how much money you are able to make after subtracting all this outlay from your revenue.

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The UAE is a growing economy with a lot of business potential. In particular, the Dubai government has worked diligently to attract families with disposable income, building expansive malls and theme parks and turning the UAE into a tourist destination for people of all ages.

A daycare business is a basic type of Business and by starting it you can cater to the needs of many customers. If you are planning to start a daycare business from home here are some tips that will help you do well in this field.


Is Daycare a Good Business to Start?

The answer is yes. Daycare is a very good business to start, but only if you have the right skills and knowledge.

How much Does Childcare Cost in Dubai?

The cost varies between AED 250 and AED 500 per day depending on the activities offered as well as the number of days during which they are engaged.

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