HR Management Portal Providers in UAE

HR Management Portal Providers in UAE with AIG Corporate Services Provider

HR Management Portal Providers in UAE

HR Management Systems Vendors in UAE

HR Management Portal is a very effective tool for all those who are working in an organization. It is provided by many software companies with advance tools. The main purpose of this system is to manage the employee details, their attendance, leave management and also it gives facility to the employees to request for leave online. This system also helps you to maintain the payroll details of your employees easily. And all these things help your organization to maintain good relationship with employees. 
AIG Corporate Services Provider is offering HR Management System software to businesses in UAE. By using this software they can manage complex employee management tasks easily. 

The major advantages of this system: 

  • It will help you to maintain the employee details such as their address, personal information, date of birth and many other details which will help you to keep a record of them in future too.  
  • You can also get the information related to their performance from this portal as it will give you details like how many leaves they have taken so far, their salary and attendance as well.  
  • You can also see if they are eligible for any kind of promotion or not?  
  • This system will also help you to create a database and keep all important documents related to your employees in one place only which saves your time too.  

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