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Open A Business Account in RAK Bank
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How To Open Company Bank Account In UAE?

A bank account is required for a company to conduct transactions and handle other financial problems. Opening a business bank account, and if you own a buy or sell firm or not, is a difficult procedure. Here when you’ll require professional account opening assistance to go through the process quickly. Banks in the Dubai are the most dependable organizations in the region, but getting an account is not as simple as it once was. You dont need to worry, we’re here to help you get a separate bank account in the UAE.

Opening A Company Bank Account in UAE

Opening a business bank account in the United Arab Emirates is an essential step for any company. The most significant considerations are that the  business bank account must be able to accept payments from everywhere in the world as well as within the UAE.  It can be difficult to get a bank account for your company in the UAE. You are only permitted to create a bank account in the UAE due to the work permit visa restrictions. You’ll need your company’s name, address, and the Ministry of Labor’s NOC number in the UAE. Within 3-4 business days of receiving these credentials, you would be able to open a bank account.  As one of the UAE’s leading corporate consultants, we’d like to share our knowledge and experience with you on how to open a company bank account. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Opening A Company Bank Account.

The answer is yes, it is possible to open a Bank Account remotely. Some UAE Banks offer this service and the conditions vary from one bank to another. You should confirm the conditions with your banker if you are planning to open a bank account remotely.

Yes, you can. Most major banks in the UAE offer expats loans and credit cards. However, you need to be aware that your eligibility for certain services will depend on several factors. These include your current status in the country (visitor or resident), your income source and size, as well as your nationality.

We do our best, but we strongly advise you to form your company through us because we can set it up in such a way that it will be simple to establish your bank account, as there are a few business activities that cause banks to take longer to open your company account.

There are numerous elements that banks assess before creating your account, making it difficult for anyone to verify that your account will be opened because account approval is entirely dependent on the bank.

Each case is sent to a few different divisions inside the bank, where it must be authorised before an account can be opened.

If somehow the banks has any concerns or requires additional information, it will approach you personally.

The more information you provide about your company to the bank, the better your chances of getting an account opened.

We have enough knowledge with documentation and requirements because we have supported many freezone companies in opening business bank accounts, so prepare your account application in such a way that it makes your business account opening simple and fast.

Setup Your Business Bank Account In Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Prepare the Documentation
Step 2
Get a business Licence
Step 3
Open a bank account

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