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What is Sole Representative Visa

The Sole Representative Visa is for high-level employees of an international company who want to open a new branch or offices in the United Kingdom. This visa gives them a solid choice for sending a delegate to manage the organization’s business presence in the UK. This visa allows an individual to reside and work in the United Kingdom for three years. After receiving this visa, it is also allowed to bring dependents to the UK.


Sole agents are appointed representatives of a company based in another country. Visa holders are subject to strict and far-reaching procedures.

Eligibility for a sole representative visa, an applicant must be a sole representative in the UK for a foreign employer planning to open and run a licensed office or completely subsidiary in the United Kingdom. They must be hired and engaged by the business they plan to serve outside of the United Kingdom, and they should plan to work full-time and exclusively for that business.

Single representatives must have a senior role with complete authority to make operational decisions while representing an overseas company, they are not allowed to own a majority stake in that company. The candidate must submit a document based on the terms and condition of employment, as well as evidence that their salary and other perks are comparable to those of other employees and suitable for their senior role.

They must also meet the English language’s basic requirements.
The legal immigrant must also show that they can adequately support and maintain themself and their dependents without relying on public assistance.

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UK Sole Representative Visa Validity

  • The initial visa has a three-year validity term.
  • The visa is renewed for the next two years once the work is completed.
  • In the sixth year, you can apply for residency.

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