All About E-Channel in UAE

All about E-Channel in UAE

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This is the age of intelligent system usage. The UAE has recently launched an e-channel approach to digitalization and online transactions. E-channels can be used to perform processes such as naturalization and service applications. Users can use e-channel UAE to get away from the office and expand their business vision through greater business digitization.

Users can access this e-channel UAE anytime and anywhere if it’s online. All the information you need for a VISA application, immigration, etc., is available in one location.

The e-channel UAE is an excellent move for citizens, visitors, and others. UAE. Anyone can create an account and get started on this portal. The e-channel system UAE has been proven to be stable, reliable, and efficient. It is also regularly updated and checked for technological advancements and improvements.

What’s the e-channel UAE system?

E-channel is an innovative service introduced by the Ministry of Interior of the UAE to improve the process of immigration, residency, and visa.

The channel service eliminates the need to visit service centres in person. All registrations and approvals are done online through a portal that has been specifically designed.

This portal was developed by Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions and the Ministry of Interior to make it easy for individuals, typing centres and companies to apply online for naturalization and residency services.

The e-channel allows users to apply online for visas, check their status and print relevant documentation. The e-channel service eliminates the need to visit an immigration centre and allows for faster processing of applications. It also facilitates integration between the UAE’s different regions.

These can all be done via the channel

> UAE citizens can apply for sponsored individual services.
> GCC nationals may apply for individual-funded service.
> Individuals can apply for renewal, cancellation, or new services.
> Individual GCC residents may apply for new visa permits.
> Visitors can use them for new visa permits.
> Also, establishments can apply for visas and residence permits.

Requirements for E-Channel Services

To establish visa and card application procedures, a new federal online system, E-Channel Services / Tahaluf System, has been established by the Ministry of Interior in UAE. To proceed with future and existing applications, all companies incorporated in Free Zones and need to make the following transactions must register for the E-Channel System.

> A new establishment card for a company
> Employment visa and residency
> Existing company establishment card
> Visa cancellations for existing and continuing companies (not for establishment cards that will be cancelled simultaneously)

Steps To Register An E-Channel in the UA

It is easy to register for an e-channel. It’s also completely safe and secure, even though it is an online process. To register successfully, you need to follow the steps below:

Choose The Preferred Structure.

Go to the channel portal to get started with the registration process. Choose your preferred structure. It can be either an individual or an institution. Free zone establishments must only register with the details of their free zone corporation. Select the preference you prefer and click on “Registration” on your screen.

Link Your Email

Email verification is an essential step in data security and authentication. After adding your business email address, you will receive instructions via email. After entering your email, click on “Register”. All future details about your channel enrollment and request will be sent to this email.

Provide Establishment Details

Complete the following page with all the required information. To ensure your account is created quickly, cross-verify your submitted data. Contacting legal advisers in Dubai is the best way to create an account on the electronic channel portal. They will guide you through the process and take care of everything. After you have completed these details, click “next”. You will be redirected to the next page.

Enter Your User Details

Once you have provided your details, it is time to fill out the user details. You can follow the guidelines on the page to get an idea of the information required for each section.


After you have completed all details, click the “Register” button. The final confirmation will be required. You can agree to it, and the channel process is complete. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address to validate the transaction.

Use Portal

Once you have received the final confirmation, your account will be ready for use. Click on “Start Service” to submit your request for an application on the electronic-channel immigration system. Next, enter the details and documents required, including a copy of your passport, photograph, etc. Once you have made the required payments, you can move on to the next step. You will also receive an email confirmation about the service request that you have made.

E-Channel Fees

Two parts comprise the e-channel registration fee: AED 5,025 refundable security deposit and AED 2,300 initial registration fee. A renewal fee, payment fees, and MoI fees are also included.

The licensing authority you apply to will determine the total cost of channel services. The following is a guideline for e-channel registration fees:

> Request for a new application: AED 2,310
> Security Deposit: REFUNDABLE on cancellation of trade license/establishment card: AED 5276.25
> Total fee | E-channel registration: AED 7,586.25
> All prices include VAT

E-Channel System Benefits in UAE

The future is all about digitizing everything. Channel UAE was created to support this. It has been proven that users benefit from an online portal. Let’s find out how. Here are some of the applicants’ main benefits from registering for the E-channel system.

Faster Process

People looking for an easy and comfortable way to get their immigration documents processed quickly want it to be simple. The UAE government set out to create an online portal that could do all your work in just a few mouse clicks.

The e-channel system was created. This system allows you to easily access and use all types of immigration services, including visas and residency.

The UAE 2021 mission was first announced. After that, the Ministry of Interior introduced the World to Smart Services with a Future Vision. The online application process allowed applicants to apply for various types of visas, such as travel permits, investor visas and long-term residence visas.

Official bodies want online portals to be a standard way for people to apply for visas and permissions. This will allow people to perform tasks quickly and save time. Individuals looking to Start a Business in UAE can use the channel UAE as an aid.

Smooth Operation

After registering on the e-channel system, the user can receive all necessary notifications on their mobile phone regarding their application. There is no need to go to offices or drop an email. Log in to your account again and look for notifications. Users can track their progress by digitalizing the system. You can also print and save any document related to your application.

You can also open an account if you work for a corporate company and require an immigration service. You can now apply for an investor or employee visa easily. The e-channel is easy to use and allows companies located in the UAE to apply for immigration services.

Almost Zero Paperwork

The UAE government created an online portal to make it easier for users to apply for visas and other immigration services. You don’t need to gather a lot of paperwork because everything can be done online. You can upload scanned copies of essential documents that you have to submit with your application.

These online portals allow you to make payments digitally. These portals are used to pay any fees or charges. This means you don’t have to wait in long queues or go to offices to get your work done. You will receive an electronic receipt for all payments.

This will be generated immediately after your payment is confirmed. A receipt online will give you assurance and proof that you have made the payment. These electronic receipts are generated by the system and allow you to keep track of all payments.

One System for All

The channel UAE is an innovative system that has proven to simplify sharing of data and information. This portal is used by almost every person who needs a visa or immigration service. All 6 Emirates share a feeling of unity.

Only Dubai, out of all 7 Emirates, does not use this online channel. It has its system for accessing such operations.

Lowers the burden on Immigration and Administrative Centres

The UAE’s official immigration and administrative authorities can now relax, as the burden has been lifted and passed to these channels. The UAE’s e-channels have assumed the task of managing it and are doing a great job.

These centres were jammed with people waiting to get permits and visas before the e-channels were invented. These services are now just a click away.

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Last Thoughts on e-Channels

Everyone wants to make their lives easier in this age of the internet. The UAE government created this online channel to help users save time and effort.

The e-channels not only provide comfort for applicants but also encourage digitalization. It is the hottest trend and can help cut costs. All its benefits are worth considering, and the channel system receives a positive response from 6 of the 7 Emirates.


Where Can I Register to Become An E-Channel Operator in The United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

You can enroll in eChannel online or at a writing centre. To complete a channel application online, you will first need to choose whether you are an individual or an organization. Next, enter your details and confirm your registration.

How Can I Apply for an E-Channel Registration?

This process can be broken down into simple steps, as shown below

> Register on the e-channel registration site
> Register now
> Complete all details and click “Submit”.

What Is the Best Way to Check My Visa Status In UAE?

It is possible to check it at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs portal (GDRFA).

How Can I Tell When My E-Channel Expires?

It is available in the channel portal.

Is A Company Required to Have An Establishment Visa Card?

Yes. This helps companies to recruit overseas staff and apply for employment visas or foreign investors.

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