Industrial Licence in Dubai, UAE

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Industrial License in Dubai, UAE

What is an Industrial Licence in Dubai?

Organizations that alter or convert natural resources are granted a Dubai Industrial License. This alteration aims to modify the structure or appearance of products to manufacture or produce new products.

These activities include production, segregation, accumulation, packaging, and other related activities. The company must have a physical location within the country to obtain an industrial trade license. We can help you  to get an industrial license in the UAE.

Industrial license Requirements

  • This report contains information about the plant or factory. It includes information such as the factory’s plans and the reason for opening it—data on production tools, production costs and money and information on financing options. Additional details include information about employees and other pertinent information.
  • Copies of passport, residence for non-citizens and summary of citizen registration
  • Feasibility Study
  • If you are a partner firm, a partnership contract
  • Copy of the trade license
  • Copy of Balance Sheet
  • Approval of the National Media Council
  • Ministry of Health Approval
  • Ministry of Environment and Water Approval
  • Ministry of Interior Approval

How to Get an Industrial License in Dubai?

The process of applying for a Dubai industrial licence is straightforward. Here’s a step-by summary:

  1. Work with a business licensing expert

You should first find a trusted business formation expert to handle the process if you consider applying for an industrial licence in the UAE. It will reduce the stress involved in starting a business. It also guarantees that your paperwork is accurate and thorough.

  1. Administrative approvals secured

You must get approval from the appropriate authorities before opening a factory for your business. That is unnecessary if you operate your business from an existing place, such as a zone of economic freedom.

  1. Send your application to obtain an industrial license

Next, you will need to apply for an industrial licence in Dubai. The DED can be contacted immediately if you want to establish a business on the mainland. If you wish to operate your business in a non-taxed zone, you can request permission from the appropriate authorities.

  1. Additional approvals

Before you can work in the UAE with an Industrial License in Dubai, you will need to obtain additional licenses. These are the authorities for your Dubai industrial licence:

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Industrial Register
  • The Ministry of Health

A professional company formation agent can obtain these permits.

Visa Management

Before starting your industrial business activities, you must apply for a UAE visa. You can apply for a visa simultaneously with a business license. We can also handle visa applications for you. Sponsoring your children, spouse or family members for UAE visas is possible.

Industrial License Cost

The cost of applying for an industrial license will largely depend on whether you apply within the mainland or the free zone.

In addition to the cost of the license to trade, You should also be prepared for the cost of additional approvals and registrations and the expense of renting premises. On average, an industrial licence can cost approximately AED 25,000.

Setting up in a non-fee zone is typically a more economical option, and you can get packages that are less than that amount, which include the use of the premises and the expense of visa application.

List of permissible business activities with a Dubai Trade License

Here are some activities you can do once you have your industrial license.

  • Steel workshops, structural steel, and tools
  • Processing of raw materials
  • Extracting petroleum and metals
  • Fabric and textile production
  • Cast iron & steel
  • Fabrication of appliances and other equipment
  • Bread and other food products are produced
  • Fabrication of paper products
  • Fabrication of metal containers, boxes, and structural steel.
  • Fabrication of insulations, seals, and coatings.
  • Recuperation and treatment
  • Woodworking, furniture, and wood goods manufacturing
  • Paper slitting
  • Chinaware and glass industries
  • Copy of accessories and equipment for agriculture
  • Fixing broken glass and cutting lenses
  • Manufacturing of precious and gold-coloured gemstones
  • Maintenance and manufacturing of light aircraft
  • Meat processing
  • Battery production
  • Creating various home appliances
  • Assembling air conditioner units
  • Production of ornamental and advertising models
  • Producing petroleum products
  • Fabrication of automobiles, motorbikes, and parts

This list is being expanded by the UAE government and other independent jurisdictions.

Benefits of Dubai Industrial License

The United Arab Emirates authorities have granted certain rights to companies that have received an industrial license. This is done to promote industries and encourage investment in the sector.

Here are some benefits of holding an industrial licence in Dubai

  • The terms for leasing industrial space have been designed to help the investor.
  • The government will offer land at a reduced price to help you develop your industry.
  • You can get electricity, water, and other essentials at a reduced rate.
  • Guidance was focused on methods that similar industries use to improve their own.
  • Innovative products may be eligible for loans with lower interest rates.
  • If your product likely increases the nation’s economy, the government will finance you during the R&D stage.
  • The UAE government will prioritize exceptional quality goods during official procurement.

AIG Corporate Services Provider offers Industrial Licenses in Dubai, UAE

You are here because you don’t know where to start if you wish to obtain an industrial licence in Dubai. We will get the UAE industrial license for you so that you can focus on more critical business decisions. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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The UAE authorities have granted some privileges to firms with industrial licenses. This is to encourage industries and increase investment in the sector.

You have the following privileges when you hold an industrial license in Dubai:

  • Only the investor can benefit from terms for industrial space rental
  • For the establishment of your industry, the government will either subsidize or provide land free of charge
  • Get discounted rates on electricity, water, and other essential needs
  • The guidance is based on similar industries to help you grow your industry
  • Innovative products may be eligible for a loan at a lower rate
  • The government will financially support you during R&D if your product is expected to strengthen the nation’s economy
  • During official procurement, the UAE government will give priority to products of exceptional quality

A Dubai industrial license can be obtained in around one week.

A permit to operate an industrial business in the Emirates is called an industrial license. Including all business operations, you plan to do in Dubai in your industrial license is essential. To maintain the validity of their industrial license, business owners must renew it each year.

The UAE government is supportive and will provide any assistance you require to start a manufacturing business in the UAE. You can apply to get additional approvals from different governing bodies. 

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