HR Legal and Compliance Services in Dubai, UAE

HR Legal and Compliance Services in Dubai, UAE with AIG Corporate Services Provider

HR Services in Dubai, UAE

HR Legal and Compliance Services

Legal and compliance are two of the most important aspects in HR services because they make sure that your business is following all of the rules, laws, and policies that protect your workers. For example, if you do not have policies in place to protect your workers from sexual harassment from a coworker or employee or an outside third party, you could be held liable for their actions. It is also important to follow employment laws in every state so that you will not have any issues with wrongful termination lawsuits, discrimination lawsuits, and other employment concerns. 

You can also get into trouble if your HR services provider does not follow all of the regulations related to conducting background checks on employees. If a background check is conducted improperly or illegally and you make decisions regarding hiring or employment based on the results of that background check information then you can be sued for discrimination! You need to make sure that your provider follows these rules and protects you along with protecting themselves. 

  • The best way to avoid legal and compliance issues is to bring an outside firm into the fold and make them part of the team. At least in theory, this allows everyone at the company to be on the same page with respect to the regulations you have to follow. If you use an outside provider, it’s important that everyone in the organization knows who is responsible for what aspects of compliance, so they can quickly refer questions or problems up either the internal chain of command or to the appropriate external contact if needed. 
  • The other reason why it’s a good idea to bring in external help is because it will likely be cheaper than hiring someone internally and having them go through all of the same training as new people coming on board would have to go through. That way, you’ll save money as well as time on training costs. 

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