Life and Medical Insurance in Dubai, UAE

Life and Medical Insurance in Dubai, UAE with AIG Corporate Services Provider

Medical Insurance in Dubai, UAE

Life & Medical Insurance

  • Two of the most important things in your life are your health and family. Therefore, you need a life and medical insurance in Dubai to secure future. Your health and life are irreplaceable and can’t be transferred. Once gone, it’s gone for good! It’s very important to have a comprehensive medical insurance in Dubai that covers all your medical needs and provides funds if any one of us is diagnosed with a critical ailment. In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive world, accidents happen every minute and unexpected misfortunes may hamper even the strongest financial background, thus making it extremely important to be insured at all times. 


  • AIG Corporate Services Provider have developed a strong understanding of the UAE market and have established a unique approach to providing life and medical insurance in Dubai. Their dedicated team of experts will help you select the most suitable insurance policy to address your needs and objectives. 


  • In today’s world, life and medical insurance is a crucial investment. As a key provider of life, disability and health insurance products in the UAE, the AIG Corporate Services Provider provides these types of policies to individuals and corporate entities. 

For best performance of your business, you need to choose a suitable business model. AIG Corporate Services Provider offers following services for business owners: 

  • Mainland, Free Zones or Offshore company registration services in all Emirates of UAE  
  • Opening bank account with all local leading banks 

Speak to our experts for assistance for registration of your company. We provide economical cost service, complete guidance and assist in completing all formalities. 

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