Financial Forecast

A financial forecast is a budgeting tool that shows estimated data based on historical, present, and future financial conditions. This will aid in identifying potential revenue and cost patterns that could impact government policies, strategic objectives, or community services in the short or long term. The annual budgeting process is incomplete without a forecast. A good prediction enables for better decision-making in terms of fiscal discipline and providing critical community services.

Our budgetary process model will reduce the essence of your company into a reasonable level of basic assumptions and cause-and-effect relationships, allowing you to discern between what matters and what doesn’t.

Our Most Detailed Financial Model Includes:

  • All working capital calculations are performed on a monthly basis. This is necessary to ensure that your company has enough cash to survive with working capital swings caused by inventory replenishment, long accounts receivable cycles, big quarterly tax bills, large capital acquisitions, and other occurrences.
  • For the first two years, printed reports are issued quarterly, followed by annual reports for the remaining five years. Most investors and lenders are comfortable with this degree of detail.
  • The standard GAAP Statement of Cash Flows, Cash Receipts & Disbursements, and Cash Sources & Uses are all independently calculated cash flow schedules. This makes it easy to look at the data from different angles. We can also perform strong error checking to validate the model’s integrity because each statement is constructed independently.
  • The main assumptions are described and categorized (such as customer growth, revenue sources, pricing, costs, payment terms, capital expenditures, and headcount). The majority of the assumptions are grouped together on a single color-coded page so you don’t have to dig through formulas to figure out where a number originated from. We’ll collaborate with you to discover and define the values and expectations which are most important to your industry.
  • Depending on your industry, operating expenses might be divided into divisions. General and administrative, sales and marketing, research and development, and operations are examples of typical departments. This allows you to compare department spending as a percentage of overall expenses to those of comparable businesses in your field. This is one approach to see if you’re giving resources to specific functions too much or too little.

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