Offshore Company Formation in Ajman with AIG Corporate Services Provider

Offshore Company Formation in Ajman

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

  • Company formation in Ajman could be a highly appealing idea for anyone looking to start an offshore company.
  • Ajman is the UAE’s smallest Emirate, located northwest of Dubai on the Arabian Gulf.
  • The Ajman Free Zone was founded in 1988 and is one of the most cost-effective business setup jurisdiction in the UAE.
  • Ajman has a population of more than 100,000 people and its main activities are tourism, industry, real estate and fishing.
  • The emirate’s economy is based on industrial and logistical sectors as well as tourism, with a focus on attracting investments and developing businesses.
  • Offshore Company in Ajman provides a convenient tax haven to business investors from all over the world who seek greater flexibility and fewer restrictions while gaining access to lucrative investment opportunities.
  • The formation of a Company permits an investor to start a firm in the UAE with 100% foreign ownership in Ajman.
  • Offshore Company form is seen to be excellent for those who desire to do worldwide business without having to pay taxes in their native countries or the UAE.
  • Offshore is a business entity which is incorporated in Ajman, UAE. It has a limited liability and separate identity from its shareholders. Offshore Company in Ajman operates in accordance with the regulations provided under the Offshore Companies Regulations.
  • Offshore Company in Ajman offers various types of incorporation and offshore services to different categories of customers. For instance, it provides company formation as well as corporate services for IBCs and LLCs. Other services include but are not limited to registration, administration, licensing and accounting services etc. 

Ajman Free Zone provides a one-of-a-kind Offshore Company formation service. The Offshore Package for the Ajman Free Zone contains the following:

  • There are no taxes.
  • A company with 100 percent foreign ownership
  • 100 percent capital and profit repatriation
  • Complete discretion is guaranteed.
  • There are no limitations on imports or exports.
  • There are no currency limits.
  • For the next 15 years, there will be no business tax (renewable)
  • For the next 15 years, there will be no personal income tax (renewable)
  • There are no auditing or reporting requirements.

Benefits of Offshore Company Registration

Asset protection

Succession planning

Privacy and Anonymity

Low operational cost

Operational bank account in multi currency

Invoicing internationally for trading and services businesses

Owning freehold real estate in Dubai

Owning shares in mainland LLC

Minimum Legal Requirements for Ajman Offshore Company

  • Minimum one share holder is required.
  • Corporate company can also be a share holder in an offshore company. However all attested documents are required for a foreign corporate company.
  • Having director is must in an offshore company. Director names are not available in public domain.
  • Appointment of secretary is must in JAFZA offshore.
  • Share holders names are not available on public domain.

Documents Required to Register Dubai Offshore Company

Passport copy

Utility bill clearly showing name and address not older than 90 days

Bank reference letter from any recognised bank or bank statement

CV for the share holder​

Business plan

Duly filled in application form

Any other compliance process adopted by an authority or registered agent

Popular Business Activities in Ajman Offshore Company

Property holding

Asset or share holding

Investment holding in form of stocks, precious metals and funds

International trading

International consultancy services

Holding IP rights

Characteristics of Offshore Company in Ajman

An offshore company in Ajman is regulated by the free zone authority (FZA) of Ajman and can be used for many different types of business activities. Offshore companies are treated as being non-residential for tax purposes and thus do not have to pay any tax on income generated outside of the UAE. There are no restrictions on currency, capital or profit repatriation.

Characteristics of an offshore company:

  • A limited liability Company
  • Minimum 1 shareholder
  • Minimum 1 director
  • No corporate directors
  • Registered office in Ajman Free Zone required
  • Minimum share capital is USD 50,000 equivalent in other currencies
  • The minimum paid up capital is USD 5000 at incorporation stage
  • The minimum issued share capital is equal to the maximum share capital

For best performance of your business, you need to choose a suitable business model. AIG Corporate Services Provider offers following services for business owners: 

  • Mainland, Free Zones or Offshore company registration services in all Emirates of UAE  
  • Opening bank account with all local leading banks 

Speak to our experts for assistance for registration of your company. We provide economical cost service, complete guidance and assist in completing all formalities. 

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