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It’s no surprise that there was a lot to think about when choosing the best free zone or mainland which fits your individual business requirements, such as location, pricing, business type, adjustable or workspace possibilities, audits, bookkeeping, and share funding costs, to name a few. We’ll take you through it step wise, pointing you in the correct way, saving your cash, and beginning the process as tension free as possible.

We provide specific Business Setup Solutions in UAE and throughout the Dubai. We help international corporations and small businesses rapidly join the UAE Marketplace. We provide a wider view for your company with satisfying the basic necessities of business creation in Dubai. It’s critical to consider the size of the firm when deciding how and where to establish a business in Dubai, so we expand your business that you will focus on growth and attracting new opportunities.

Company Formation

The UAE offers investors three options for registering a business: mainland (onshore) free zones (self-regulating emirates) or offshore. Choosing where to locate your company’s presence in the UAE will be easy when you work with us.

LLC Sponsorship

Company shares will be 100% Owned by the Foreign Investor. You will have 100% financial and operational control, and your LLC shareholder rights will be protected. The agreements and documents used have been tried and tested for almost 10 years and have been adapted over time to remain cutting edge. The sponsorship services we provide you will ensure your business is protected and ensure your financial rights are protected.


start a business in uaeDubai’s status as a global commerce and trade center has been cemented in past few years. The Emirates is now placed 15th in a new poll of international business hubs. The state’s worldwide significance is attributed to a very well transport systems, the lack of taxation, and the growth of Dubai’s financial industry, according to the report. It’s an excellent site to set up a business because it’s situated amidst Europe’s and Asia’s existing economies, even those coming from Africa.

You can choose to start your own business on the Mainland or even in a Freezone in Dubai. Setting up a business in Dubai free zone is advantageous since entrepreneurs can now have entire ownership of their organization. Moreover, profits and cash invested can be repatriated in their whole. Starting up the business in a free zone also allows you to connect with others in your field.

In order to trade, the state provides easy, pre-determined set of guidelines. For a seamless company formation and operation, all businessmen must follow these guidelines.


The process of forming a company in Dubai has never been simpler. This remark would be true at any moment in the last 

decade or two, but the signals are particularly encouraging right now. In the United Arab Emirates, a new exciting plan is proposed or delivered virtually every week. It’s a trend worth tracking because of the country’s planned expansion.

The top notch information is that forming an employer in Dubai is certainly easy and short, and there are numerous incentives to be had, maximum extensively in the form of the UAE’s free zones. Whilst it’s far viable to start a corporation onshore or offshore with in Emirates, overseas entrepreneurs choose to achieve this in a free zone. There aren’t any corporate or private taxes, 100 percentage employer ownership, a hundred percent return of capital and earnings, and no currencies restrictions presented by the authorities.

Despite the fact that the technological, administrative, and commercial components of business development in Dubai may appear daunting, following a straightforward step-by-step method with the correct guidance is far simpler and within your budget than you might expect. We’ve helped a lot of businesses set up shop in exclusive free zones, and we’ve broken down the 6-step process into six simple steps.

Choose your business activity

Regardless of the limits, a free zone that primarily allows particular companies, such as media, medical, or transportation, is generally a good concept. Take into account the transit options as well. If your organization relies substantially on imports and exports, free zones near an airport or ports will likely benefit you greatly.

Choose your company name

Before you commit, find a company name that follows UAE naming conventions. Offensive language is prohibited, as are names that refer to Allah, Him, or any other religious, sectarian, or political entity, such as the FBI or the Mafia. If you’re named your company after someone, make sure it’s their whole name, not an initial or an abbreviation.

Finalise all incorporation paperwork

You must include a copy of each shareholder’s passport, as well as your company’s name and activities, as part of your application. More documentation, such as a business plan or a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC), may be required in some free zones, which you can receive from your present sponsor. Our Dubai company establishment consultants can help you with the paperwork and give you advice.

PRO Services in UAE

Receive your license notification

The government gives you a business license once your application has been processed. Once our clients’ documents are ready for pickup, our consulting firm in Dubai will inform them.

Open a bank account

You will be prepared to start a business bank account immediately as your documentation has been returned to you. Emirates NBD, Fisrt Abu Dhabi Bank, and the Mashreq Bank of Dubai are just a few of the local and international banks operating in the UAE. We’ll assist you in meeting with banking firms to determine which choice is ideal for you as part of our Dubai company setup services.

Process your visa

The last stage in the formation of a Dubai corporation brings the process to a close. You can apply for staff and dependents as well as your own visa in a number of free zones. The actual figure will be determined by the free zone in what you use to open your business. Status adjustment, medical fitness test, Emirates ID registration, and visa stamping are the four easy procedures in the entry permit process.


Aside from the welcoming free zone conditions, Starting a Business in Dubai may be done in even less about a week with help of our Dubai business formation advisers. Each step has the potential to cause problems for the inexperience candidate. This is where we can assist. We can assist you with your connection with UAE government authorities and uncover possible difficulties before they happen, in addition to helping you through all of the stages.

In Dubai, AIG Corporate Services Provider offers with all forms of business enterprise registrations. We can help you register an agency at the mainland, in a free zone, or offshore in any of the UAE’s emirates.

We can also assist you open a financial institution account with any of the predominant banks within the region. We collaborate carefully with all government agencies and monetary institutions.

For best performance of your business, you need to choose a suitable business model. AIG Corporate Services Provider offers following services for business owners: 

  • Mainland, Free Zones or Offshore company registration services in all Emirates of UAE  
  • Opening bank account with all local leading banks 

Speak to our experts for assistance for registration of your company. We provide economical cost service, complete guidance and assist in completing all formalities. 

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