Candidate Sourcing Services in UAE

Candidate Sourcing Services in UAE with AIG Corporate Services Provider

Candidate Sourcing Services in UAE

Employee Sourcing Services

Sourcing is the process by which businesses hire individuals to fill available roles within their companies. Sourcing can be done internally, or externally when HR professionals search outside the company for candidates. HR professionals may find candidates through referrals from current employees, agencies, social media channels, job boards, job fairs and employee referrals. 

There are a number of ways for businesses to perform sourcing. For example, 

  • They may contact external recruiters who specialize in sourcing candidates for open positions.  
  • They also might use a head-hunting firm that is made up of former senior employees now working as independent agents.  

Traditional recruiting methods include  

  • Advertisements on web portals such as LinkedIn, Monster and CareerBuilder. 
  • Through print advertisements in newspapers and magazines. 
  • Through campus recruitment programs at colleges and universities.  

Recruiters often use these methods to find qualified applicants with the skills the business requires for its open positions. 

Sourcing is an important component of any business’s hiring process. As a result, all businesses need to have a staffing strategy in place for their recruiting efforts. To do this effectively, businesses should determine what types of candidates they need to fill their available roles; whether it makes more sense for them to hire internally or externally; how much time and money they’re willing to invest.  

How Sourcing Works?

Sourcing is the process of finding, attracting, and hiring top talent. As a function of HR, sourcing is the responsibility of an HR generalist who may also help set compensation and benefits programs. Yet, as with many facets of what HR does, this role extends beyond traditional thinking about job descriptions and duties. 

A typical sourcing calendar might look something like this:  

  • Review current talent pool to determine if there are any open roles to be filled  
  • Search job boards and social media sites for qualified candidates. 
  • create a list of prospects 
  • schedule interviews with these candidates 
  • conduct preliminary candidate screening (phone screen or video screen) 
  • Conduct formal interviews with the most promising candidates 
  • Prepare offers and negotiate terms (salary, bonus, benefits) 
  • Present offers to final candidates 
  • Advise hiring manager on successful candidate for hire 
  • Onboard new hires. 

As you can tell from this list, there’s a lot more to sourcing than posting jobs online—the entire process is meant to be strategic and bespoke. A sourcing calendar should take into account seasonal trends in hiring as well as company-specific factors including changing business needs and upcoming events that might bring about a surge in demand for new hires 


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