Commercial License in Dubai

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Commercial License in Dubai

Every business in Dubai must have a required license. It is necessary to have a commercial trade license to buy and market items and services in Dubai.

In its simplest terms, commercial licenses permit you to trade in goods and offer specific services. It is possible to import and sell products within the UAE, export them out of the country or sell them in the local market. Commercial licenses allow you to sell anything from toys and food to packaging and electronics if you meet the requirements.

Commercial licenses also cover the brokerage industry and the real estate industry. Commercial licenses are the most popular license within Dubai and within the UAE. And it’s not difficult to understand the reason for this!

Most entrepreneurs use the mainland as a free trade zone for business operations in Dubai, UAE. Two, trading products (raw materials or finished goods) and services is less complicated, more efficient, and more affordable than making the products from scratch and providing wholesalers with the goods for sale. Dubai is among the most convenient countries to do business in.

Businesses that fall within the scope of Commercial License

Knowing beforehand what business activities you can carry out with commercial licenses is essential. Here are the most critical actions that commercial licenses can carry out.

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Shops & general stores
  • Real estate services
  • Logistics
  • Import and export of products
  • Brokerage service.
  • Auto rental vehicle

Commercial License Renewal in Dubai Documents required

The Dubai commercial licence is valid for one year at the time of issue and can be renewed. The validity of the License to trade renewed in Dubai is for four years. The following documents need to be provided to be eligible for a Dubai business licence renewal:

  • The original copy or a duplicate of the trade license
  • An original copy of the office lease contract
  • Approval from the appropriate authorities, if needed,
  • Information on accommodation for employees for companies that have foreign shareholders.

How to Get a Commercial Trade License in Dubai, UAE?

It’s important to remember that commercial licenses cannot be obtained before the company’s officially incorporated in Dubai. The following steps should be completed:

  • Select a form for business and the operations you are using that match the requirements of a commercial license.
  • Write an organization’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and include an outline of the work that needs to be accomplished.
  • Get a VAT number and create a company registration in The Department of Economic Development in Dubai.
  • Make sure you pay the costs for an application for registration to register your company and the issue for your license to conduct business.

Cost of Getting a Commercial License in Dubai

Based on several criteria, the estimated price of a commercial license for a commercial license in Dubai will vary. The costs can differ from residence fees, visa costs, transport charges and trademark registration fees when dealing with documents and officials of the government. A commercial license in Dubai is priced between AED 10,000 to AED 500.000. The cost of the licence alone is around AED 10,000. If you’re looking for the most economical method to establish a commercial enterprise in Dubai. In that case, it is advised to speak with any of the top business setup consultants within Dubai, like AIG Corporate Services Provider.

Advantages of Commercial License in UAE

Most foreign investors aren’t aware that getting a commercial license can bring numerous benefits to business owners who establish their companies in Dubai. The advantages are listed as follows:

  • When used in a no-cost trade zone, tax exemptions and free repatriation of earnings to the investor’s country of origin are available.
  • The possibility of involving the Dubai business in trade with foreign countries.
  • Businesses with commercial licenses can establish their headquarters in any location in Dubai.
  • The Dubai commercial license permits companies to offer a range of goods
  • It is a more straightforward method of getting work visas to foreign citizens.
  • Commercial licensees are not required to go through audits to renew their licenses.

The commercial Trade License allows investors with companies on the Dubai mainland to operate their business and offer products and services across the UAE and internationally.

One of the less well-known features of a commercial license is that it allows the admission of international employees, which allows businesses to hire more foreign employees. It is easier to get commercial licenses rather than go through the procedure of obtaining specific permits for certain types of tasks.

How can AIG Corporate Services Provider assist you in obtaining your commercial trade License?

If you’ve got the proper knowledge, getting an official commercial licence in Dubai does not have to be daunting.

It is necessary to have prior experience with the procedure. Furthermore, it’s essential to remember that applying for a license is only superficial if the application is completed when submitted and free of mistakes.

To ensure this is true, it’s a good idea to consult a business formation expert like AIG Corporate Services Provider when forming an entirely new business within the UAE.

Our group of company professionals dedicated to helping dreamers become entrepreneurs and SMEs.

In essence, our professionals will establish your business through your name, complete an application for your license and visa applications and handle the care of the essential administration – leaving you to concentrate on managing your business.

Cost of Getting a Commercial License in Dubai

A Dubai Instance License is essentially an explicit commercial or professional license form that can be obtained without typical approvals and documents. The main difference between them is that when you apply for the Instant License, you’re no longer required to sign a company name, a Memorandum of Association, or a tenancy contract.

It is said that the Instant license Dubai application is so simple that it could take just five minutes. The entire process is done on the internet.

How to get Commercial License in Dubai via Instant License

Choose the legal form, followed by the business operation. Based on the legal document, you can add partners. Consider the factors such as capital shares of the partners and the profit and loss distribution. Reserve a trading name. You can either select a brand-new name or choose an automatically generated name.

Select the commercial register details of the business and define the capital value. Select or leave out an electronic Memorandum of Understanding.

You must wait for the voucher to be issued and once the voucher is issued, pay the fee. The total cost of getting a Commercial License in Dubai is AED 10,000. Suppose you plan to start an Import/Export company or any other buying or selling business in Dubai or the UAE. In that case, we can guide you through all formalities for licensing requirements within Dubai.

If you have questions about your Commercial Business License or your current license renewal, please feel free to contact AIG Corporate Services Provider business experts.

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