Inventory Verification in UAE

 Inventory audit is a procedure in which a company’s financial records are compared to its stock records. It’s an important step in the inventory management process. It’s done to make sure all data is correct and to find any inconsistencies in inventory counts or financial records.

An inventory audit necessitates the collection of up – to – date data from a range of sources. Stock counts, sales data, shipment records, and other data may be included. Inventory monitoring is essential for conducting audits with comprehensive and accurate data.

AIG Corporate Services Provider provides best inventory management services in UAE. We may support with stock verification at frequent intervals. Physically verifying supplies, detecting defective and slow-moving or outdated commodities, and other tasks are all part of inventory validation.

Benefit of Inventory Verification

  • It aids in the identification of inventory goods that are slow-moving, damaged, or obsolete.
  • It aids in the avoidance of fraud and mistakes.
  • It shows the current inventory status of the company.
  • It aids in calculating the accurate inventory value.

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