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cafeteria license cost Dubai

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Investors and entrepreneurs from around the world flock to Dubai. Why? It is the most diverse and fastest-growing economy in the world. It is home to a growing population of hungry people. Restaurants are the fastest-growing sector in the United Arab Emirates, showing no signs of slowing.

Dubai is the perfect location for you if you consider opening your cafeteria. This article will discuss the requirements and cafeteria license costs in Dubai.

What Is a Cafeteria Licence?

Before you can open a cafeteria, you need to obtain a cafeteria license. This is a food license issued to you by the Dubai Economic Department. Your business is not licensed and will be subject to legal action. Here are some essential details about the legal structure of the cafeteria license:

i. A cafeteria license is its name.

ii. A group of people enjoys going to restaurants.

iii. Type of professional license

Dubai License Types

Before exploring the process of opening a Dubai cafeteria, you must understand the different types of licenses. There are three licenses in total. This is how it works:

i. A commercial permit. This license can be granted to an individual or a company that will engage in trading activities. It also can help you obtain a commercial license.

ii. Industrial permit. You must have an Industrial License to engage in manufacturing activities.

iii. Professional certification. This license is given to service providers, artisans, and craftspeople. The professional license also includes the cafeteria license.

Dubai Cafeteria License Cost

Now is the right time to open a cafe in Dubai. This is how you can make this business thrive.

Cafeteria License

You must obtain food and trade licenses to open a cafeteria or restaurant in Dubai. The Food and Safety Department will issue a food license, and a trade license will be issued by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. You must obtain a license. Missing any stage could lead to legal action, fines, or even the closure of your business. The license can only be accepted after the approval of the Dubai Municipality and the Department of Economic Development. 

These documents are required for this procedure: restaurant design blueprints, endorsement of food license from the Department of Food Safety, and support of trade license from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

License cost

Opening and managing a cafeteria in Dubai takes a lot of planning, permits, investments, and follow-ups. You should save money for the initial costs of opening a cafeteria in Dubai, such as licensing, certificates, office rent, and marketing.

Many factors influence the Cafeteria license cost in Dubai. These fees are divided into the following categories:

Government Fees

All fees, taxes, charges, and other fees imposed by State and Federal legislation, regulation, and other requirements include universal service fees and costs. It has everything: Trademark Reserving Fees, Initial Approval Fees, Memorandum of Assembling, Type & Translation Fees, Notarization Fees for Memorandums of Assembling, Ejari Fees (Tenancy contract Attestation), Fees to Trade Licenses, Fees for Sponsorship and PRO Services, and Fees For Immigration Cards.

Other costs

Anything that isn’t covered by the government and must be paid by another organization can count as additional costs. These include market fees (approximately 2/5 of annual office rent), Charges within the Labor File, and Fees to amend licenses (if applicable).

Tea shop

Dubai Tea Shop Licenses are available from AED 140,000 to AED 200,000. The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) renews your trade license annually.

Financial Plan 

Before opening your restaurant, you must create a financial plan to keep you accountable for your spending. It should include the cost of the restaurant, staffing, equipment, license costs, and other expenses. It is essential to prepare an estimate of all investments and expenditures. It would be best if you also considered the following:

a. Sponsor fees are approximately AED10,000 annually.

b. DED trade license fees are between AED10,000 to AED 12,000.

c. AED 8,000 to register for immigration and labor.

e. Restaurant premises are available for rent starting at AED 60,000 (depending on the location).

Establishing a Cafeteria in Dubai

To start a food company and enjoy the benefits of having global customers, you must first meet specific requirements. You must apply for and get a business license. Once you have all the permits and approvals required by the relevant agencies, your business can be started.

You must first apply for a DED name reservation and activity approval before you can open a Dubai cafeteria. We will show you step-by-step how to open a cafeteria in Dubai.

Document Required

The following are the necessary documents required to obtain the cafeteria permit in Dubai:

1. A certificate of approval issued by Dubai’s Municipal Food and Safety Authority’s Planning Department

2. Certificate of approval for The Food License from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED)

3. A completed application for a cafeteria license

4. Shareholders’ and partners’ Memorandum of Association (MOA)

5. Registrar’s approval of the company name and registration letter

6. Passport copies of each shareholder and partner.

Steps to Open a Cafeteria in Dubai

To help you understand the process quickly, we have broken the steps into smaller chunks that are easier to follow and comprehend.

1. It is the first thing to do. Set aside the cafeteria’s trade name and the activity authorization.

2. The next step is to choose an appropriate local sponsor who could also be a sleeping partner for your company. Create corporate documents and agreements with the local sponsor.

3. You must sign the contract in a notary court to officially recognize the partnership.

4. Once the agreement is reached, the cafeteria’s physical location needs permission from Dubai Municipality’s Food and Safety Authority of Dubai Municipality.

5. Follow the Food and Safety Department requirements to construct the cafeteria structure.

6. If a cafeteria is being rented, find an appropriate location and make a tenant agreement with the cafeteria’s owner.

7. Once they have met what the Dubai Municipality requires, they issue an approval certificate.

8. Send all completed and certified documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) to obtain the license for trade issued.

9. It is important to note that after you’ve completed every step with care, you will be approved by DED and the Dubai Municipal. The license will be issued within one week once confirmation of approval is received.

Respect All Regulations and Requirements

Before you open a cafeteria in Dubai, ensure that you have all the required licensing, financial and legal requirements. This will help you avoid future problems and possible business disruptions due to non-compliance.

These are just a few considerations you should make for a successful Dubai coffee shop. Before opening a coffee shop in Dubai, it is vital to monitor cash flow, train employees, and conduct thorough market research. Contact us if you require professional assistance opening a coffee shop or cafe in Dubai, UAE.

Approval Requirements for Cafeteria Licenses

You will need to pay for a Dubai cafeteria license. Here are the details about your restaurant’s architecture and layout.

a. Food storage and processing

b. Examples of sanitary spaces include washrooms.

c. It also provides ventilation and windows.

d. The location of kitchen appliances.

e. Passages for entry or exit

f. The washer’s site and other cleaning supplies.

This checklist will help you obtain a Food and Safety Department Food License.

1. The first approval of DED.

2. The layout of the cafeteria or premises.

3. The Planning Department must also approve the cafeteria location if it is not within a shopping mall.

Gather the following information before you contact the DED to obtain preliminary approval

1. All shareholder passports must also be copied.

2. Documents provided by the local sponsor

3. Details about the activity

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Dubai Food Safety Regulations

After we have discussed all requirements for the cafeteria licensing application process, let’s now talk about specific conditions that ensure food safety. This will require a license as well as a few permits. Here are the details:

1. Food consignment release license

2. Allow pork products to be handled and served.

3. Transport permit for food products

The Cafeteria’s Exact Location

Rules and regulations are in place for the location of the cafeteria opening in Dubai. The government requires a cafeteria or any other food business to be at least 50 m from a disposal facility. Otherwise, food contamination could occur. Cleanliness must be maintained within a 10-meter radius of the restaurant.

These are additional requirements that you should be aware of:

1. The cafeteria’s location should not inconvenience customers.

2. Management should make sure that there is sufficient space to dispose of dirt and smoke in an emergency.

3. All owners are responsible for ensuring that pets are not allowed in the building.

4. Separate restrooms and storage areas are necessary to ensure food safety.

5. They also require that walls, floors, and roofs be washable, non-absorbent and fireproof.

6. Three separate basins are needed in the kitchen: one to wash utensils and another for cleaning vegetables. The third is for cleaning meat.

Last words

To open a cafeteria in Dubai, you will need a few things to get licensed and compliant with local regulations. AIG Corporate Services Provider can help you get started and comply with the necessary requirements.

AIG Corporate Services Provider will help you get the necessary permits and licenses. 

Contact us today to get started on your cafeteria license cost in Dubai.

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