How to Setup a Fitness Centre / Gym Business in Dubai? 

How to Setup a Fitness Centre Gym Business in Dubai

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Health and fitness are new things across the globe. UAE residents are also taking a serious interest in health-related activities to meet their fitness goals. Local occupants of Dubai as well as expats are equally investing their time and money to adopt modern fitness techniques in their daily regime.  

Many business setups and international companies based in Dubai are also encouraging their employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle by providing them with various fitness centre facilities. lifestyle 

The rise in health awareness demands fitness facility centres and gym business centres. This opens infinite business opportunities in Dubai related to the health and fitness sector. 

Different Types of Gym Business in Dubai 

1) Boutique Gyms 

Boutique gyms are usually small fitness facility setups with an area of about 800 – 3500 sq. Ft. These are for small community setups with usually one or two types of workouts like yoga, personal training, aerobics, Zumba conducted in small groups, etc. 

2) Cross Fit Gyms 

CrossFit refers to an overall fitness and strength training fitness facility consisting mainly of weightlifting aerobics, calisthenics, gymnastics, etc.  

3) Power Lifting Gyms 

As obvious from its name these gyms target powerlifting and weight lifting training. Specialized equipment and specialized trained staff are required for this setup.  

4) Yoga Facility Fitness Centers 

Yoga centres usually provide a wide range of programs and courses focusing on meditation, positive thinking, natural healing, breathing practices, and relaxation techniques. Yoga facility centres usually don’t require much equipment and are easier and less costly to set up as compared to other fitness centres.  

5) Fitness Centers with Swimming Pool facility 

Swimming pool facilities require more investment and a larger area, thus adding to the overall cost of such a business setup. But of course, any fitness centre having an additional facility of the swimming pool is offering an additional facility attracting more clients.  

6) Personal Training Gyms 

These fitness centres offer one-to-one training to health-conscious people according to their age, health, fitness level, and physical requirements. These setups require the induction of more than one trainer to offer focused and sufficient training for each client.  

7) Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) 

This is a new trend in Dubai to get maximum fitness and muscle tone in least possible time with less activity. This is actively being used for fat burning and muscle building with EMS devices. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Fitness Center Setup in Dubai 

Once you have decided which fitness centre type you dream to setup in Dubai; you have already achieved an important milestone. After that comes the cost estimation, prerequisites, registration, gym business license approval, and other legal steps.  

Here we have a detailed step-by-step guide on opening a gym business in Dubai. Covering all aspects from cost to selection of area, getting a fitness center license to meeting all legal requirements that need to be met before setting up a gym business in Dubai or fitness centre we have listed a detailed guideline following which can set your business on road to success. 

Cost of Setting Up a Gym / Fitness Center in Dubai 

Gym setup and equipment both require a hefty amount of investment. The estimated legalization costs for a gym business centre in Dubai can vary from 35,000 AED and 50,000 AED. Gym equipment, business insurance, marketing, and promotional activities, employee salaries, and miscellaneous other expenses are also involved.  

Prerequisites for Opening Up a Fitness Center in Dubai 

The next crucial step is to get your business authorized by the Department of Economic Development (DED). To get a fitness center license approved following prerequisites to need to be met to get legal authorization for your fitness centre business set up in Dubai: 

1. Approvals from: 

  • Juvenile and Sports Welfare Authority 
  • Health Department and 
  • The Emirates Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Committee 

2. One must be older than 21 years to be eligible to apply for a gym license in Dubai. 

3. Submission of a Partnership memorandum and a signed lease to the designated authorities. 

Selecting the Most Suitable Area / Place for Fitness Center 

After you are done with all legal aspects and have met all prerequisites of setting up a fitness center business, the next crucial step is the selection of the area for your health and fitness facility center.   

Selecting the Free Zone for your fitness centre Business Setup in Dubai is an ideal pick. Free Zone company setup in Dubai offers multifold opportunities;  

  • 100% foreign ownership 
  • Tax-free area 
  • More potential clients because of the corporate zone area 
  • Within reach area for office employees 

Hiring Qualified Trainer  

The hiring of well-qualified gym instructors and trainers is a must. Ideally, the gym trainer must be certified by the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS). 

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Mandatory Facilities for A Gym / Fitness Center in Dubai 

There are some mandatory facilities that need to be incorporated within your gym and fitness centre facility. Gyms, fitness, and health centres should be equipped with the following: 

  • Clean drinking water resources within the premises 
  • Enough number of Toilets, (for both men and women) 
  • Fully equipped First Aid kit 
  • Changing rooms 
  • Lockers 
  • Enough number of shower rooms (1x 6 persons) 
  • Operative drainage system 
  • Fire Extinguishers 
  • Hand washing facilities with all the supplies 
  • Shock-resistant and fall-proof floor installations 
  • Perfectly working Exercising equipment 
  • Adequate Lighting 
  • Proper ventilation 
  • Hazard-free equipment and environment 
  • Smoke-free area 
  • Ample supply of fresh and cleaned towels 
  • Well maintained furniture 
  • The proper separation between male and female exercise areas 
  • Well maintained and clean area at all times 
  • Use of proper gym clothing by staff, trainers, and patrons 
  • Swimming facilities should meet all requirements set by Dubai Municipality’s Environmental and Safety Section 

In order to make your fitness Centre a success, a proper financial plan is crucial. After that registration procedures and approvals from various departments are required. A professional Business Setup Consultant in Dubai can guide you in calculating the estimated costs involved in setting up the gym and help you sail through smoothly all processes of getting permits, gym business licenses, registration procedures, business setup, and visa processing. 

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