How to Setup Business in UAE without Burdening your Pocket?

How to Setup Business in UAE without Burdening your Pocket?

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Many people in this country have the dream of starting their own business, but the high cost of setting up a business can be a major deterrent. If you are one of those people who has a great business idea and the desire to start your own company, there are a lot of options available to you. You can start your own firm by renting an office and hiring staff, or keep it low-cost by working from home with no staff. Setting up a low-cost business at home can be ideal for many entrepreneurs and small businesses as it is an easy way to keep business costs down, with minimal overheads and outgoings.

The UAE offers a number of options for low cost Business Setup, with features such as Tax exemption of 100 percent and foreign ownership of 100 percent.

The business setup options are designed in several ways to attract a diverse range of businessmen to set up shop in the UAE

To Setup a Business in UAE:

  • First, you must first choose the type of business you wish to establish. Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Free Zone Company are the most common business structures.
  1. LLC is a local business founded through a collaboration between a UAE national and a third party. It is also known as the “50-50 partnership”. The Emirati national will own 51 percent of the shares, while the foreign partner will own 49 percent. Another well-liked option.
  2. Free Zone Company  A non-UAE national investor owns 100% of the Free Zone Company and no share is required with an Emirati shareholder.
  • Second, you must choose a location for your business. If you choose to establish an LLC, you can setup your business anywhere in UAE but if you choose Free Zone Company, then you must choose from one of the 37 free zones across UAE that best suits your needs. These free zones vary in terms of facilities and services provided, cost of setup, industry focus and licensing activities allowed within their premises.
  • Third, you must check whether your chosen activity requires any special approvals or licenses from government authorities like Ministry Of Health, Ministry Of Education etc.

Choosing a Business:

The most important part of starting a business is choosing the right business. Choosing the right business is more important than developing a good business plan, raising money or even having a good product. It is more important because if you choose the wrong business, then all your other efforts are wasted.

Here is a list of small scale business ideas in UAE with low investment:

1. E-Commerce

In recent years, e-commerce in Dubai has taken off with the increasing internet penetration and smartphone usage. In addition, the introduction of new technologies such as blockchain has fueled the growth of e-commerce in the UAE. As a result, it may be the greatest alternative for starting an ecommerce business at a minimal cost. The UAE currently ranks second in the world in terms of the highest rate of penetration of the internet. The internet penetration rate is expected to grow above 86% by 2023.

2. Mobile Repair Service

This is a great business idea for any budding entrepreneur. The mobile repair service in Dubai can be a very good means of income generation if you’re considering starting a small business. You might have to invest in buying some basic tools and equipment but that won’t cost you much. Since the demand for mobile phones is huge in the market, there is a lot of scope for this business venture as well. The profit generated from such a business will be good and you would be able to make good money out of it.

3. House Washing

House washing can be low cost business in Dubai.

It is among the most interesting endeavors you can engage on, especially if you want to create and maintain a low-cost business. One of the services that individuals seek from time to time is house cleaning.

You will find out that people are totally ignorant of the fact that their houses need to be washed at least twice a year and this is an opportunity for you to make money from them.

The house washing business requires little or no capital at all and it is one of those businesses you can do on your own and become very successful at it.

4. Dry Cleaning Pick & Delivery

The laundry business is not seasonal and has great potentials in terms of income generation. It requires little work and enables you to serve people at their convenience. The key will be in having proper start-up amount and marketing your services effectively.

Reasons for Starting a Laundry Business are:

  • Low Start Up Costs
  • Recession Proof
  • Flexible Hours

5. Pest Control Service

Pests are a major problem in Dubai and this is the reason why people are always looking for a reliable pest control service company. If you have the required expertise, starting a pest control service business can prove to be a lucrative venture.

To start this business, you will need a vehicle, some equipment and employees with the requisite skills. You just need to market your services properly to get clients.

Most of the tools used to perform pest control are relatively inexpensive. This means you will have low startup costs as well as low running costs.

6. Car Wash Service

Car wash is a basic need of every car owner. People want their cars to be washed and cleaned every now and then. This is an essential part of car maintenance. A number of people prefer to do it on their own, however, a huge majority of them lack the time to do that. The best option for these people is to get their car washed from somewhere else, which can be a great business opportunity for you. You can start a car wash service in Dubai or anywhere in UAE by investing very little capital. The only thing you is your investment in the space and area where you’re going to run your company. Car wash service doesn’t really require any specific apparatus or equipment because all you need is soap and water.

7. Food Delivery Service:

You can start a food delivery service if you have a car and some spare time. Your customers will be the people who are too busy to go out and eat. The initial investment for this business is low as well.

8. Tours & Travels Agency:

Tours & Travels agency is another good business option in Dubai. You can help people plan their vacation in Dubai and provide them with other travel related services such as hotel booking, air ticket booking, etc.

9. Clothing Boutique

It’s also one of the most cost-effective enterprises to start. The clothing boutiques are increasing in Dubai day by day. Because if you have a good site for it then it will give you high profit on a small budget. But I recommend to start it with more than 10,000 dirhams so that you can get all the necessary things at once without any risk of loss.

10. Event Management Company:

Event Management Companies are a dime a dozen in Dubai. There are a lot of them, and they’re all doing well. This is because Dubai’s residents have a big appetite for parties, celebrations, and events.

Dubai however has embraced this concept very well and businesses are capable to organize fantastic events on behalf of their clients by hiring an event management company!

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Dubai is one of the most happening cities in the world. It is a very famous tourist attraction and business hub as well. The economy of Dubai has been rapidly growing and flourishing in the past few years. It is now one of the best places to start a small business in Dubai. There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, businessmen and even young people who are looking for some part time jobs in Dubai.

There are numerous low cost businesses in Dubai with high profit margin, which would be an ideal option for you if you are looking to start a new venture or even if you want to generate some extra income on a part time basis by working after your normal office hours.

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