Small Business Ideas in Dubai

Small business ideas in Dubai

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Dubai is the ideal marketplace for the expansion of your business. Dubai has investors friendly policy, which makes them a business-friendly city. And investors’ favorite city to invest in because of their policies. Dubai has become a business hub. You have many opportunities if you want to establish a business in Dubai. This blog tells you about small business setup ideas in Dubai.

Handyman Business

You can start a Handyman Business, including handyman services. It is a highly profitable industry in UAE because the number of industries in Dubai will increase daily, so to maintain, repair, or replace things, people, businesses, and organizations would need technicians, electricians, plumbers, and other technical personnel. They require a worker who can do the assignment without their direction or interference. If you offer a dependable handyman who is qualified, experienced, capable, and reliable, your business can flourish at its maximum potential.

Steps to get a Handyman business license.

Choose location

Select your company name

Acquire initial approval

Requirements to get a License.

Passport size photo x2

Completed application form

Memorandum of association (MOA)

Passport copies of proposed owners

NOC from current employer (if applicable)

Security Service

You can start a security service company in Dubai. Dubai’s increasing demand for security services is due to the city’s expanding businesses and industries. You can provide industrial clients with security services like guards, employees, and bodyguards or use security tools like alarms and surveillance cameras (CCTV).

“The Physical Security Market is expected to grow from USD 102.7 billion in 2021 to USD 140.0 billion by 2026 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.4% from 2021 to 2026, according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets™”.

Requirements to get a License.

First, you should apply for your trade license.

Completed application form

Passport copy of the proposed owner or owners

Two color passport-size photos

Once you have received your license, you will also require police clearance to undertake security activities in Dubai. Your security business may require approval from the UAE’s Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA). SIRA approval may require you to attend a training course. SIRA provides security approval for various activities, including guarding, consultants, dog handlers, and CCTV operators.

Recruitment agency

As the growing industry in Dubai, many companies require well-skilled workers and employees for their company. Because of the sped-up business environment, they need help independently carrying out the extensive recruitment process.

At this stage, they need a recruitment agency. Dubai is a dream city for foreign job seekers, so you don’t need to worry about applicants. Since innumerable investors from all over the world have started establishing businesses in the UAE, the recruiting agency sector in the country is quickly and steadily growing. This sector includes employment agencies, resource staffing, and HR agencies. Recruitment is a low-cost company set up in Dubai for business professionals with expertise in human resources.

Documents Needed in Dubai to Open a Recruitment Agency

A copy of the shareholder’s passport for the corporation

A duplicate of the applicant’s family tree

Copies of the nationalities’ ID cards

A declaration of moral character

Document submitted with the Trade Register after the trade name application

Written statements from the shareholders about the company’s launch

A blueprint of the employment agency’s location

Courier Service

As the trend of online shopping begins, this could be the ideal time to enter this booming industry because more businesses need to deliver items straight to customers. You may make a lot of money by providing packages throughout Dubai. An excellent option to launch and open a business is the courier industry. Either you can expand your delivery fleet or collaborate with the current courier services to establish a third-party logistics company.

Documents Needed in Dubai to Open a Courier services company.

Photocopies of the owner’s passport

Local family book documentation

Photocopy of initial Approval

Photocopy of the present lease agreement

Copy of the established form

Commercial license

Trading register certificate

Photography Business

The booming tourism industry is one of the best reasons for Dubai’s success in photography. There are numerous specialized niches to launch a photography business in Dubai. You can establish a fashion photography business, a digital printing service, or a full-fledged photographic studio. A small or medium-sized photography business is simple to start. You must obtain the necessary tools, acquire the right advice, make the best investment, and choose your line of work.

Documents require for starting a photography business in Dubai.

Passport copies of the shareholder

A complete business plan

The person completes the CV

Full credentials of the photographer

A bank reference letter

Samples of work and reference letter from the previous employer (if possible).

Required Documents

If you want to start photography as a company in Dubai; then you must provide the following documents

Copy of the owner as well as the manager

CV of the owner as well as manager

Business plan and bank reference letter.

After receiving a photographer license from Media Business Centre in Dubai; you will be provided with services like:

24-hour security, office access, lighting, power, and air conditioning.

Use of meeting room, office management, as well as maintenance.

Bedrooms, lounge area, daily housekeeping service, and the collection.

Distribution of faxes as well as emails and others.

Fitness Instructor

People are highly devoted to maintaining their physical health and appearance. Therefore, starting a fitness center in Dubai is advantageous for any businessman. The company offers some of the most in-demand services in Dubai, including a personal trainer, gym, fitness studio, and other related services. First, you need a level 3 fitness certification from a good institute that is the entry-level for the UAE market of personal trainers. Upon completing your course, you must register with the Register of Exercise Professionals UAE (REPs UAE). The registration contains a list of all UAE-licensed personal trainers who work in the fitness industry. According to the Dubai Sports Council, all fitness practitioners must be members of REPs UAE.

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The documents required are following.

An application form (printed)

Certificate of REP qualification

An outline of the kind of fitness activity you wish to specialize in

A copy of your visa and passport

Translation Service

Every nationality has always been welcome in Dubai, whether for business or peace purposes. “As of March 2022, the population of the United Arab Emirates is 10,081,782, based on”. And approximately 20% of the total population are Emiratis; the rest consist of many different nationalities.

There are over 200 different nationalities living across 7 other Emirates, including Dubai. So, starting your translation service company is a good option for you.


Dubai has investor-friendly policies, so it is the best place for business start-ups. If you have some experience in a specific field and want to start a business in Dubai, AIG Corporate Services Provider will help you and give you Business Setup Consultancy in Dubai.

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