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AIG Groups provides custom software solutions to businesses in UAE

Software Development Services in Dubai and all over UAE

  • Customized software development is a process of creating unique software for clients, based on global best practices and standards. 
  • It is commonly used for projects with high business value, where the cost of impacted business processes is significant.  
  • The main advantage of customized software development is that such software often helps the client to achieve a competitive advantage by maximizing the efficiency of their business processes. However, customized software is not always the most efficient option, as it can increase costs significantly if it’s not designed properly or if it doesn’t meet all client needs. 
  • Customized software development uses advanced technologies and tools for the same. This type of software development can be applied in any industry, from financial organizations to manufacturing companies. 

When it comes to custom software development, there are two main approaches:   

1. Off-the-shelf software : 

Off-the-shelf software can be used by anyone who wants it, but cannot be tailored to the specific business needs of any given user. 

2. Custom software: 

Custom software is developed for a specific customer and their business needs, using a range of technologies that is unique to the client.  

AIG Corporate Services Provider offers custom software solutions to businesses in Dubai and throughout the UAE in order to automate their business processes. Contact us!

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