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  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are present in virtually every industry. They provide a means to integrate business processes and information via a common set of business applications. 
  • The purpose of an ERP solution is to coordinate the various components of a business, such as accounting, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. 
  • In the current software and IT industry, ERP is an extremely essential concept that every company needs to have. It is also a very important part of the IT world.  
  • It is a method of handling data that is commonly used in the business world.  
  • The ERP system is often designed to handle business process flow by using discrete activities and specific functional modules such as materials management, warehouse management, manufacturing management, inventory control and transportation management etc.  
  • This can be understood as a series of interrelated processes that work together to ensure the smooth running of an organization from top to bottom. 

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