Cafeteria License Cost in Abu Dhabi

Cafeteria license cost in Abu Dhabi

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If you want to start a cafeteria in Abu Dhabi, you have come to the right place. According to Khaleej Times, “With a safety index of 88.4, Abu Dhabi has reinforced its position as a safe and secure place to live, work and invest“. So, due to this people around the globe visit Abu Dhabi in the prospect to start a new business or expand their existing business. 

Especially if you are in a food-related business and are interested to open a cafeteria, you will find no better place than Abu Dhabi to start.

This blog will discuss everything you need to know about starting a cafeteria in Abu Dhabi and cafeteria license cost in Abu Dhabi

Steps to Open a Cafeteria in Abu Dhabi

Here are some steps to Open a Cafeteria in Abu Dhabi.

1. Select a business name

One of the first steps is to give your cafeteria a name. The restrictions in Abu Dhabi are relatively permissive, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The name cannot be the same as any existing business in Abu Dhabi. Second, the title must not contain any vulgarity or blasphemy. If you intend to utilize your name in the sector, it must be your full name (first and surname), as no initials are permitted.

2. Choose a location

The selection of the location for any business is much crucial. Due to the high footfall level, shopping malls and tourist areas are prime locations. Another consideration is whether to base the business in one of the free zones in Abu Dhabi. Establishing a cafeteria in a free zone has many advantages, including tax exemption, logistical assistance, and no requirement for UAE national shareholders. However, that zone is restricted to business activities only.

 3. Getting licenses

The correct licenses are required for those who want to open a food business in Abu Dhabi. 

1. A food license from the Food & Safety Department  

2. A trade license from the Department of Economic Development & Tourism and Commerce Marketing

Depending on how you run your restaurant business, various other special licenses may be required, such as.

1. Delivery Permit

2. Liquor permit

3. Ramadan permit

and many more

4. Complete the visa processes

It is also essential to complete the visa process to work and live in Abu Dhabi. To apply, you must contact the appropriate immigration department. However, if your cafeteria business is in a free zone, you must apply for a residence visa.

5. Open a bank account

It is also essential to open a bank account for your business; anyone with a UAE-registered company can apply. Banks in the UAE also have eligibility criteria for opening a business account, including the following.

1. A Utility bill, 

2. CV

3. Last six months’ bank statements,

4. Comprehensive business plan.

5. A minimum balance requirement. 

Documents required for Cafeteria setup in Abu Dhabi

As you figure out, you will need a commercial license, which in turn will impose other requirements, such as

1. Registration and inspection of tenancy contracts by the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC),

2. The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, by the Civil Defence and ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company).

3. You will need to approve the design and format of your sign before hiring a Sign Company.

4. An Engineer will be needed if you are renovating or even putting a property to assist with all the engineering requirements, including the design, fire-fighting requirements, electrical design, and load calculations for ADDC.

Cafeteria License Cost in Abu Dhabi

Several factors influence the cafeteria license cost in Abu Dhabi. Establish a financial plan before opening your cafeteria to keep your spending in check. Cafeteria costs, staffing, equipment, license costs, and other expenses should all be included. Estimates of all investments and expenditures are essential. Additionally, you should consider

1. Annual sponsorship fees are approximately AED10,000.

2. AED10,000 to AED12,000 is the fee for a DED trade license.

3. For immigration and labor registration, AED 8,000 is required.

4. The cost of renting cafeteria premises starts at AED 60,000 (depending on the location).

Benefits of starting a cafeteria in Abu Dhabi

There are several reasons to choose Abu Dhabi as the location for your cafeteria business. The local economy is expanding rapidly and is expected to grow more in the future years. It is also a tourism hotspot. Abu Dhabi also has a flourishing foodie culture, with the industry rapidly increasing as residents seek to get out and explore the outside world. Followings are some other benefits.

1. Zero tax

Those who hold a license in the UAE do not have to pay taxes on their income or profits.

2. A simple process

Company incorporation in Dubai Mainland can be completed in 3-4 working days if all the necessary documents are on hand

3. Excellent infrastructure

Businesses in the UAE are attracted to the favorable infrastructural facilities and the availability of office spaces with flexible lease terms

4. Easy recruitment with unlimited employment visas

Companies are not restricted from applying for a Ministry of Labour work visa. The office size and licensing activity selection determine eligibility for the work visa; if you have a larger office, you can have a more significant number of visas. The bearer of an investment or work visa may sponsor a spouse, parents, children, and maid.

5. Capital requirements are limited

The minimum capital needed is AED 300.000/-, and a bank guarantee is not required. Depositing the share capital in a bank is not needed. Furthermore, 100% capital repatriation is permitted for UAE enterprises.

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 How AIG Corporate Services Provider helps you 

We have a team of experts who assist you in establishing your business. Getting licensed and complying with local regulations is essential for opening a cafeteria in Abu Dhabi. With AIG Corporate Services Provider, you can get started and comply.

AIG Corporate Services Provider can assist you in obtaining the required permissions and licenses. To obtain a cafeteria license in Abu Dhabi, contact us today.

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