DHA license in Dubai, UAE

DHA license in Dubai

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A Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license is the document authorization body to start medical practices in Dubai. Anyone, whether a UAE staff member or an expat interested in creating a medical practice, must have a DHA license to begin the practice.

After you have obtained the license, you can schedule a medical consultation after receiving the required approvals. Health Regulation Department Health Regulation Department, part of DHA, examines requests and gives licenses.

The Reason You Should Attempt The DHA Test?

The DHA test is a compulsory certification exam for all healthcare professionals who want to practice in Dubai. Whether you’re an experienced medical professional who has been working for a long time or just starting in your profession, DHA certification aims to ensure that the applicants are competent before they can enter the Dubai medical field.

According to the Dubai Health Authority, The government focuses on the importance of customer experience efficiency, efficacy, and transparency that sets the bar for Dubai health facilities. Suppose you have professional experience of at least two years in the field. In that case, you can apply for registration with DHA as an official regulatory body for all healthcare professionals working in the medical profession.

The Benefits Of Having A DHA License.

If you’re considering applying for a Dubai health license, you have plenty of reasons to consider why obtaining a DHA license can be advantageous. Here are some of them:

1. A DHA license permits you to provide high-quality care for your patients.

2. The certificate gives you the power to work in the healthcare field in Dubai.

3. It will help you establish an influential profession in medicine in Dubai.

The DHA license is an essential certification for doctors who work with patients in the United Arab Emirates. Here are a few advantages of having one:

Job opportunities are increased with the DHA license. Physicians can be employed within hospitals and clinics across the UAE.

Increased credibility A DHA license improves a doctor’s credibility and helps them be more marketable.

Improved patient care Doctors with a DHA license are more equipped to provide top-quality patient care.

Who Is Eligible To Apply In The Search For A DHA Licence?

HRD, which some call it, is the DHA license agency located in Dubai, is a specific criterion to issue permits.

The practitioners who offer traditional and alternative treatments that are complementary to conventional healing can apply for a DHA license in Dubai. Below are a few examples of these:

1. Doctors and dentists

2. Related health professionals – nurses, pharmacists, midwives, pharmacists, physiotherapists

3. Specialists and consultants

However, their shareholders or delegated representatives can apply for a DHA license for medical facilities. DHA permit in Dubai.

What Are The Documents Required For DHA License?

The necessary documents to obtain the DHA license include the following:

1. A copy of the passport

2. Copy of visa

3. Photographs of a passport size in color

4. Certificate of experience

5. Logbook or any other proof showing the competence and sufficient knowledge of the surgeon

6. A certificate of standing

7. Anyone over 65 who is who are applying for full-time DHA must present an official medical fitness certificate

8. Medical practice license

9. Accreditation of academic qualifications

The Process For Obtaining A Dubai Dha License

Doctors who want to be a doctor in Dubai require a DHA license. Obtaining the DHA license is easy and can be completed within two weeks. This is the complete procedure for applying for a Dubai DHA permit for physicians:

1. Begin by studying the requirements required to get a DHA permit in Dubai. The Dubai government Dubai has established specific guidelines to be followed to be eligible for the DHA license.

2. Once you’ve sound knowledge of the requirements, start preparing your application packet. Be sure to include all the required documentation, such as your medical certificate and the certificate in good standing from your previous residence or your practice.

3. After completing all the necessary paperwork, wait for confirmation from the Dubai government. Dubai. Then, you can begin the registration process at the licensing office.

4. After you have been accepted to apply for a DHA license, you must visit the center for licensing to sit for the required tests. Once you have passed the exam, you will receive an authentic DHA license and can practice medicine within Dubai!

DHA License Dubai Cost

The full-time license cost is AED 1,000. At the same time, Part-time licenses and Trainee licenses cost you AED 4000 and AED 1,000, respectively.

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DHA License Renewal

Anyone who plans to stay and be employed in Dubai as a certified healthcare professional must renew their registration or license with the most recent experiences and the required qualifications. Here is the documentation that you need for the renewal of your license.

1. An original copy of your current passport

2. PSV result for

3. Good standing

4. Validity of the license

5. Experience

6. Experiences updated

7. Renewed malpractice insurance

Renewal Process

To renew the validity of your DHA license, you have to:

1. Upload the PSV document.

2. Upload the latest certification of the Malpractice Insurance

3. Apply to renew the license on Sherman

4. Make the DHA renewal fee for the DHA license.

5. Await DHA review

6. After being accepted by DHA, Your medical license from Dubai will automatically renew and be sent to you via courier.

Last Words

The DHA certification is required to permit any medical professional who wants to work in the Dubai medical field. This certification can assist in creating numerous job opportunities that verify your professional skills.

We hope this guide has given you all the details you require for making a choice on whether or not to apply for a Dubai DHA license.

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