How to Start and Run a Successful Yoga Business in Dubai

How to Start and Run a Successful Yoga Business in Dubai

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According to Yoga Earth, “Worldwide, approximately 300 million people regularly practice yoga”. Because of the advancement and the lives are becoming faster, and people face different physical and mental issues, yoga gives physical and mental relief, that’s why it will become popular around the people in the world. Dubai is the world’s business hub, and people from around the globe come to Dubai to start their businesses or to visit, and they all know the importance of yoga. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the opening of a yoga center in Dubai. 

Is it profitable to open a yoga studio in Dubai? 

According to Studio Growth, “Profit margins for the yoga business range between 15% to 25%. The profitability depends upon the number of students, the amount of space used, the pricing strategy, the income-to-expense ratio, and community involvement, including rent and renovation. In Dubai, people’s lives move fast and rapidly. Everyone looks forward to taking a break from their hectic schedule. That’s why yoga studios demand is on the rise in Dubai, which has led to an increase in customers over time. There are some extra benefits to opening a yoga studio in Dubai. Professionals with a yoga license can open new locations anywhere in UAE with the most basic procedures and paperwork.  

The additional benefit of the yoga center is that it is a part of the health and wellness organization. They are receiving further government assistance in the form of exciting incentives. The UAE government promotes yoga to improve lifestyle, health, and nutrition to improve society’s well-being. 

What Steps Are Involved in Opening a Yoga Centre in Dubai? 

The process of setting up a yoga center in Dubai is relatively straightforward. Here is what you need to do:  

Choose the legal framework 

Choosing your yoga studio’s legal framework is the first step. Although you can open a yoga center in Dubai as a partnership or a sole proprietorship, an LLC is regarded as the most advantageous company structure in the UAE. This is because an LLC allows you more freedom to conduct business and expand its presence in additional cities. 

Select the location 

The selection of the right location is the central part of every business. Like other businesses, the area of the yoga center matters a lot. Do some research before selecting and find a location with great demand and low competition. The yoga center should be close enough to the residential area so that people can easily access it. 

Obtain Approvals 

For the yoga center start-up, you need the approval of two departments—one from the Ministry of Youth and Sports Welfare because yoga is a kind of sport and the second from the Public Health Ministry. After all, it promotes the general public’s health and fitness. The approval process will take two to three weeks. 

Required Documents 

There are some of the documents required you should need to submit that a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai will guide you with. Along with the application, you should submit the following documents

1. Copy of passport
2. Professional experience letter
3. A copy of the visa
4. Fee submission proof

How much space do you need for a yoga studio?   

Although there are no strict guidelines, the typical size of a yoga studio is 20 square feet (20 × 20 feet), which can hold 15 to 18 people. 25×25 feet or even 25×30 feet is typical for larger gatherings. Make the room appear larger by adding gorgeous hardwood flooring and natural light to your yoga studio. You also require locker rooms, a bathroom, and a reception. Many yoga instructors and professionals believe that practicing yoga is better done outside; therefore, they don’t even need some extra space. 

The cost of opening a yoga center in Dubai 

The total cost would be about AED 38,000. Reservation of a trading name, local services agent professional license, permissions, and labor file opening are all included in the price of operating a yoga center. Although this is required to recruit a local Emirati who works as a local service agent to replicate the company, expatriates can control 100% of it. AED 66,000 would be spent on cafeteria and sportswear trading costs. Except for the yoga studio, all businesses must have a share capital of AED 300,000. However, issuing bank guarantees is not required. Many yoga instructors and professionals don’t even need to invest because they think practicing yoga is best done outside. And the cost also varies in this case. But they also need approvals and licenses, so you need to hire a business setup consultant in Dubai who will help and guide you in starting setup and getting approvals. 

How will AIG Corporate Services Provider help you? 

To set up a yoga center in Dubai, you should need an expert who will guide you in every step. AIG Corporate Services Provider contains a team of experts who will help you at every step of establishing your yoga center. We will do all the document work for you. By working with us, you could save your time and extra money. Feel free to contact AIG Corporate Services Providers, the best business setup consultant in Dubai, for setting up a new business in Dubai. 

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Things to consider for running a successful yoga business?

You should consider some factors before starting your business that will help you while running a successful yoga center.

Name Selection

Good names are essential to the success of any business. When someone hears about a company or considers enrolling in a program, they frequently think about its name first. When picking a name, bear the following points in mind.

a. Do some research
b. The name should be attractive
c. Keep it short

Create an effective marketing strategy.

Nowadays, having a social media presence is essential for businesses to expand. Spend money creating a stunning social media presence. Choose several channels for advertising like Facebook, Instagram, PPC, Twitter, local papers, or magazines. Ensure that your marketing strategy aligns with your financial goals. Ask your students to leave a testimonial after following your classes. 

Hire the right team

Select and hire the best instructors and staff for your studio. Your hiring decisions should reflect your goals and thoughts about yoga. When conducting interviews, it’s best to ask for proper certifications and practice proof. Ask new instructors to teach a class once so you can observe how students respond.

Maintain the appearance

Always take care of the appearance and cleanliness of your studio. Maintenance and fixing any damages straight away are essential parts of this business. It won’t interrupt your students’ concentration during practice if your studio is constantly secure and any damages are repaired immediately. When setting up, pay close attention to conducting a thorough risk assessment and health and safety inspection. Make sure to verify the safety of items regularly.

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Building Community

Establish a good relationship with your members and create a friendly environment in your studio. Create a welcoming atmosphere at your studio by demonstrating to your clients that you care about them as individuals. Building strong bonds with your students will ensure they continue visiting your studio and supporting your reputation. Having a good rapport with your students will mean:

a. Your social media presence will increase, and they will post about you more

b. They will bring family members or friends to classes.

c. They’ll persuade others to attend classes or workshops.

More than just leading yoga lessons is part of your profession. You will require management and leadership abilities because your job involves leading an organisation.


Yoga is an ancient and complex practice that promotes physical and mental well-being. There are many different yoga styles, from gentle to physically demanding ones. So, people need experts or a place where someone can guide them. That’s why yoga centers are in demand nowadays. It would help if you started a yoga center by consulting some business setup consultants in Dubai. After setup, you should make a social media presence for your business and hire yoga experts to boost your business. 

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